Friday, August 15, 2014

Cuckold gift giving

A woman has much she can give to a man. A cuckolding wife has all sorts of surprises and favors she can offer her husband that he will never forget and which form lifelong memories the instant they occur. This is one I like giving to Michael and it is something he gets hard just thinking about whenever I mention it or whenever he thinks about it. What are yours?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The constant fantasy of cuckolding

I dream of this constantly and so does Michael. Isn't it funny how even though we practice this as a lifestyle it remains our favorite fantasy?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

True love and cuckolding

Isn’t it good? Don’t you love being able to have this experience without hiding your passion for it and wishing that the person closest to you in your life would understand? Is this called true love? What is it called when the deepest, most primal passion must remain a secret from your spouse? Is that true love?

What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cuckolds filming their wives

I love that husbands enjoy filming their wives having sex with other men. I get especially turned on when Michael films me with other men and I know it excites him. What I especially like about the video here is the semi-clinical look of it. There is a minimum of romance, the lighting has a high-key, daytime look and it shows them having great sex without all the usual trappings of a slow build-up and soft lighting. They are there to have sex and both are enjoying it.

Not that I don't like soft lighting, music and wine as much as the next woman!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Excerpted from Cuckolding by Caroline James

Michael is not a submissive but I occasionally get the urge to "femdom" him by doing something to make him jealous. This might seem strange since we are definitely into the hotwife lifestyle, so how does jealousy come into play? Usually I provoke it by saying or doing something that comes very close to breaking one of our rules. Sometimes, I go ahead and break a rule. Yes, we have rules. One of them, of course, is that Michael doesn't fuck other women.

Once we were at a business get-together and I was looking at the bulge in another man's pants. "Nice cock!" I said with Michael sitting next to me. Both men were embarrassed but saying it got me wet. It probably got them both hard when they thought about it later but it broke the rule about crossing the line with people who know us. Another time, I was feeling mischievous and told a lover that Michael wanted to suck his cock. Michael was watching him fuck me when I said it and I could feel my lover's cock get harder and I noticed that Michael's cock stiffened after I said it.

I felt like I needed to tread lightly. There is an aspect of cuckolding in which women humiliate their men as a role-play or real-play in front of their lovers. Had Michael ever done this? Would he mind becoming involved with this for me? Would I feel repelled by exerting dominance or would I need it like a forbidden fruit?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cuckold husband standing guard during a public encounter

If you have watched your wife do this with a stranger in public while you stood guard, you are a perfect cuckold! There are so many thrills happening all at the same time that it makes one's head spin. What to do if someone happens on to the scene is yet another factor that can be quite exciting to contemplate; does one invite them to join in or must they be content simply to watch?

What would you do? What have you done?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Cuckold cum ritual

When I saw this video, I had to comment. The act of cuckolding is already a primal act but when the couple goes so far as to "worship" the other man's semen, it drives me wild with lust, passion and craving. Surely, I am not the only one to feel this obsession.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Queen of Spades nails

I discovered this image this morning and thought they would be fun to wear on special occasions. Does anyone know where they can be found? Would you wear them?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hotwife texts and IM screen grabs

Couples in the Hotwife/Cuckolding lifestyle know the special joy and excitement that comes from text messages sent from the wife to her husband while she is having a sexual adventure with other men. It can be very intoxicating for them as well as a source of amusement and disbelief for the lover if he isn't conversant with the games cuckolding couples like to play.

I would love to hear your texting experiences!

See lots more at:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cuckold Marriage Info

I want to share a website and its Tumblr annex that should be of particular interest to readers of this blog. It is known as Cuckold Marriage Info and it is a great way to learn more about the various facets of cuckolding and how it differs from hotwifing. It is also a safe and easy way to introduce a spouse to the concept and reality of the lifestyle without having to wade through cuckold porn that is often contrived and overblown with fetish hyperbole.

The site features article posts from "verified" couples, guides and definitions along with a forum where one can interact with others who are in the lifestyle or are in the process of considering it as a possible next step in their own marriages.

You can find the sites here:

Let me know how you like the sites.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pulling a train

I have long had a fascination with the act of "pulling a train". To my mind, it is different from a gangbang in that the men go one at a time, one after the other until they have all had sex with you at least once. The reality is that the train keeps running because men tend to recover quickly and become excited again as the sights and sounds of a woman getting fucked in the same room by several horny men is very stimulating. I'd been told by women who had pulled trains that having ten men could mean up to thirty couplings.

Though I had been active in the cuckolding lifestyle engaging in a wide variety of experiences, I had yet to pull a train and I began to fascinate over the idea until it became something of an obsession. I wanted to take care of a room full of men; just me with no other women present. How best to do it?

Some of our most exotic encounters happen when Michael and I travel. There is something about being away from home that amps up the anticipation and expectation of a special event. When we were planning a trip to New Your City, I blurted out "I want to pull a train while we're there." Michael's response was, "Wow!" along with a big smile. The planning began.

I made up a list of requirements that I thought would make it a special evening. We would be in a nice hotel suite that featured a jacuzzi. I decided that we would invite ten men and hope they would all show up. The list of men was equally divided between black and white. All the men needed a current blood test and preference was given to men with whom I'd had sex previously. Michael would not have sex with me during the evening but would act as facilitator and make sure all went smoothly and see to room service and other needs.

As anyone who has tried to organize such an evening knows, it isn't easy to get this many participants in one room at the same time and even more of a challenge to get them there with their test results in hand. We had six weeks to prepare and so we had hopes of at least coming close to getting what we wanted. One of the benefits of having written two books on cuckolding and maintaining a blog on the subject is that there is always a list of men available for play in almost every major city in the world from Paris to Istanbul. This made planning the New York trip much easier!

When the evening finally arrived, we had ten confirmations from our ten invitees but three had to cancel at the last minute. One of the men who did make it said he had arranged for two of his friends to be on standby just in case. Believe it or not, both had gone to the trouble of getting tested in hopes of participating. The final number was nine; six black and three white.

The men drew numbers from a bag and that determined the order in which the first round would proceed. the second round would follow the same order unless a man wasn't ready to go again in which case he would have to wait until the next round. I was perfectly coiffed and nude for this protracted session and there would be a minimum of cleaning up between "engagements". I wanted to have the full experience and all the men knew this in advance and were agreeable to a very "sloppy" evening.

The party broke up between six and seven o'clock the next morning. One of the men had me five times and a few had me four times. One of the men only had me twice and couldn't perform after that but stayed to enjoy the sights and sounds. I was thoroughly ravished. It didn't take long for me to go into something of a trance completely transcending the physical aspects of the encounters and experience this incredible night as if it were a Zen experiment in sensuality. I remember it as a nine hour orgasm.

It was many days before the sensations had left me. I was sore and could not have sex for a week, which was a long time for Michael to wait after seeing me in such a primal event. In spite daily showers, I was still aware of the scent of semen on me for several days. I'm certain others noticed it, too. It was very difficult for me to focus on the rest of our trip, which was part business and part pleasure, as I kept having flashbacks to various aspects of the evening. I still find myself daydreaming about it.

Pulling a train was everything I had wanted it to be thanks to Michael and some really wonderful men. I hope the evening met with their expectations as well. The only part of the experience that remained in the fantasy world was that I was on birth control and I could only imagine that this was, in fact, a breeding party.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cuckold lifestyle: Statistics show the lifestyle is on the rise

"The past week has seen an increase in the news on cuckold lifestyles and cuckold relationships. On the road to finding alternative methods to keep marriages from joining the divorce statistics, cuckold scenarios are surfacing more and more."

This isn't news to any of us and the growth of the cuckolding lifestyle has been continuous for decades but I am glad to see articles like this one from Mike Hatcher at surfacing in what is a mainstream website giving our favorite subject a chance for serious contemplation by men and women who have these inclinations but feel as though they are somehow marginalized by society for their primal instincts.

Part of the problem cuckolding faces as a lifestyle is that its prime venue of dissemination is on porn sites and blogs that feature lurid photos and videos. Did I mention that, Vanessa Chaland's Cuckold Letters and Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse are among my favorite websites? These sites and blogs are so potent in what they convey as to transcend the definition of porn becoming sociological documents of human relations and instruments of change in the process. Would Mike Hatcher have written his article had not Vanessa, Emma, scott and others gone before him in an unabashed fashion making a case for the lifestyle without apology?

If you are interested in how "mainstreet" is presenting our preferences, check out the article. I think he did a great job of presenting the subject and I expect others will follow his lead.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tantric “Sluts” or Living Goddesses

Woman, yoga, cuckolding, living, enjoying, sensual, appetite, fulfilled. Words that spring to my mind as not just related but as being a flow that is interrupted at your peril.

I took great pleasure in reading Tantric "Sluts" or Living Goddesses: Why it Matters. If you follow my blog, I suspect you will enjoy it, too. Let me know. You can find it here:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lover wanting to inseminate me

The video I've posted here is not of me but it reminds me of a particular session I had with a young man I met on a hotwife/cuckold board. He was about ten years younger than I am and especially driven to have sex with me in a way that suggested something more than lifestyle-play sex. When I thought we had finished for the afternoon, he quickly recovered and wanted to fuck me again which was fine with me.

When he finished the second time but wanted to continue fucking me, I asked him what was going on. He became embarrassed and didn't know how to answer me. I told him that after all we had just done together, the least he could do is tell me the truth. That's when he told me he was wanting to get me pregnant.

We talked about this and he confessed he had never had this compulsion with other women he had been with but something about the dynamic between us and the way he reacted to me, he felt the need to inseminate me. He said he realized I was probably on birth control but felt that if he came inside me enough times, he could beat the system and achieve his goal. I was touched at how his admission came forth and how telling me made him quite vulnerable. He was trusting me with this truth.

I told him that if he thought he could beat the odds, I would like to have him fuck me again. He did and I cautioned him not to cum too quickly if he wanted to accumulate more sperm before ejaculating again. He fucked me for an hour.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A tattoo for me?

I don't have any tattoos and I have never wanted one though I do find them to be fascinating and have, from time to time, browsed through various "ink" magazines wondering what it would be like to have such exotic designs as a permanent fixture of my identity. It has always been an objective and academic curiosity for me. Tattoos are just not a part of my personal aesthetic.

Lately, however, I have been trying to get a particular idea regarding a specific tattoo out of my mind. It isn't easy to be rid of the idea because the tattoo that haunts me is defining and the thought of it continues to excite me. In fact, I get more excited about it as time goes on and I mean physically excited as well as intellectually. It gets me wet when I think about it. When I wake in the morning, it is the first thought that comes involuntarily to my mind and it's very pleasant to feel wet and ready at the mere thought of such a thing. I am beginning to think that not only do I want this tattoo, I need it.

The object of my fascination and obsession is a variation on the Queen of Spades symbol, the one used to indicate a woman's preference for having sex with black men similar to the one in the photo  above. I have worn the temporary QoS tattoos and enjoyed the effect they have on Michael, my lovers and the strangers who happen to catch sight of them when I wear them in public. I especially enjoy the effect they have on me when I wear them; like wearing a Givenchy gown, it changes the way you feel and act.

What I have in mind would be personal and not for public display except for when I find myself on a nude beach and I don't mind that "public" seeing it. I want it on my pubic mound where it would be covered only if and when I let my pubic hair grow to a full bush, which I rarely do. I prefer to be completely waxed and hairless which would give my adornment no place to hide when in sexual situations, at lifestyle parties or on nude beaches or cruises.

Michael likes the idea but more importantly it excites me tremendously and there is a feeling of inevitability that soon I shall have it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A follow-up note from my anonymous friend


I hope you don’t mind a little follow up correspondence.

I did get another copy of “Cuckolding”, which I actually read a couple of years ago.  I have also been enjoying reading through the first few pages of “Cuckolding: Questions and Answers”.  

In the introduction, you talk about being aware of the word “cuckold” as an insult before you were aware of it as a “lifestyle”.  When I was in my twenties, the only sources of information I had were Penthouse magazine and “Joy of Sex”.   So, I became aware of the attraction situationally and had no idea what to call it.  I was an English major (by convenience) for a couple of years and I am sure the OED would reference “adultery” and “derision” in its definition of the word “cuckold”.  If I allow, condone, encourage my wife to have sex with another man, take pleasure from watching or joining in, how can it be adultery?

The derision part is pretty hard to take too. I understand that is part of the attraction for some people, just not for me.  So, though I certainly acknowledge being aroused both the fantasy and reality of watching my wife with another man, I have some trouble “self identifying” as a “Cuckold”.  This is nothing I mean to argue about.  I realize that you are naming a lifestyle or sexual activity that encompasses a vast range of activity, and I am on the rather “vanilla” end of the spectrum.  It’s just an observation.

But, it does go to what I observed earlier about your different perspectives.  On the Cuckolding Lifestyle blog, you posted a video of an Australian (perhaps) couple with a black man.   I have both watched and participated and I understand that husband’s arousal.  While I have never experienced it, I do find some interracial videos arousing, including that one.  But, the “BBC” does seem to be some kind of very obsessive sub-fetish, with some expressions almost being “anti-white male”, though I realize this is more of an expression of the desire for extreme humiliation in some people.  I am cool with interracial sex.  But, my wife has never expressed the slightest interest.  Can you give me a woman’s perspective on the attraction, or is it an obsession?
Your anonymous reader"
Hello again,
Interracial sex can be an attraction, obsession or both. In my case, it's a fascination. I love the taboo, the color contrast and the size issue. In having sex with black men, I am getting something Michael is not and cannot ever be. There is something about that which we both find compelling. That is not to say that I go exclusively with black men but I admit it is a preference.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cuckold's 36 days without release

I've been focused on how we play games in the cuckolding lifestyle that also make for good fantasy even if a couple has yet to take the step into the real world with their cuckolding. This is a game I play with Michael edging him and denying release until a later date. In the meantime, he wears a cock cage to prevent "accidents". :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

A note from a friend on Our Hot Wives (.org)

Hi Caroline,

I spoke to you a few days ago on and I thought I would send a message here. I'll probably send it over there, too, since I don't know how often you are on either site. I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know I don't think I've ever been so turned on by reading about a serious topic in my life (and I read a lot) :). I actually had to stop reading a few times because I was getting too excited and my cock was becoming way too hard to be sitting in the same room with some of my family (my Dad is visiting). I really appreciate the work you put into writing and helping those of us who are considering the hotwife lifestyle. I can't wait for my wife... so I can discuss this with her. Thanks again for the book and for taking the time to offer encouragement.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Guest post from an anonymous reader

The following is a guest post from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. After a couple of email exchanges with him, I invited him to put his articulate and incisive thoughts in writing so that I could share them on the blog. As I am currently writing another book about the games, both fantasy and reality based, that define the cuckolding lifestyle, I thought his post was topical. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

"I would be curious to know what percentage of your readers played with matches on railroad trestles as children.  Because if “cuckolding” isn't playing with matches on the railroad tracks of evolution, I don’t know what is.  And, even if one did not find it incredibly arousing, how could one not find it incredibly fascinating?   The range of variation is astounding.

When it comes to proclivities like this, I think we come into the world with our potentialities in place.  My awakening occurred, “pre-Internet”, in college and over the first few years of marriage.  It was all just a little confusing.   It took a while to figure out why even the thought of watching my wife with another man was such a turn on, and to reconcile the attraction within myself.

My guess is that the “Sperm Wars” theorists are on to something.  Very primal mechanisms, developed over millions of years of human evolution are triggering very complex, highly nuanced and varied responses in our modern brains and psyches.  Some of us, men and women, have tuned in and to varying degrees, in various ways, learned to manipulate our response.  There may be competition in the world, especially among males; but the real competition is in the vagina. At its very basic core, it’s really all about fertilization.  Contraception has relieved us of most of the real worry, and been a tremendous boon to women.  But, the underlying energy is still there.   The thought of another man with one’s wife is enough to flood the body and brain with intoxicating chemicals which change heart rate and respiration.   How powerful is that?   Actually watching one’s wife enjoy herself with another man is like doubling the dose.

No doubt the life style has changed over the years, but it has been around in some form forever.  The internet has certainly changed things.  But, I do think there has always been an underlying aspect of “Goddess worship” involved in the practice from the start.  Certainly any man who truly loves women will know that the average woman’s capacity for pleasure exceeds his physical ability.  A realistic man also realizes his woman was looking at attractive men when she picked him.  Her sexuality did not become static when she met him. Refractory periods are a fact of life.  We learn to postpone orgasm, derive great arousal and satisfaction from giving our partner pleasure; we revel in her ability to receive sexual pleasure.   I might well trade the ability to urinate while standing for the ability to have a dozen orgasms over the course of an evening.  It’s really awe inspiring when you think about it.  So, we learn to take pleasure from her pleasure.  It can really become “all about her”. A very deep connection develops between the marriage partners.  We love our wife’s sexuality as part of her. 

It’s not exactly a thing a man might discuss with his friends; but, apparently the idea turns a lot of us on.   As a bedroom fantasy, it can produce some very hot marital sex, and that may be all you ever need.   If you decide to step out into the real world, be careful and have fun."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I love this woman!

I stumbled onto a blog this morning that I am really enjoying. The blogger is a modern woman with all the attributes and she is adorable. Like most of us, she seems to struggle with many of the issues that challenge and obstruct what is normal and natural in a woman's life yet she comes to terms with them in her own way. She is not "in the lifestyle" and for all I know she is completely unaware of it but she writes honestly and with intelligence about things that opened the door to cuckolding for many of us. One of her posts begins with:

"I have a crush on another man.”

My words, hanging there between us, seemed to have suddenly sucked all of the air out of the restaurant.

I had played a hand that I couldn’t unplay even if I’d wanted to. The flirty drunkenness I’d felt only moments before suddenly evaporated in sober apprehension. There was nothing to do now but wait for my husband’s reaction.

I hope you, too, will enjoy her blog and treat her with the respect she deserves.