Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cuckolding nymphomaniac

There are times when I hardly think of sex at all. It's as though my body becomes a functional appliance without the drives and compulsions and appetites that go with a sexually motivated life. I can't explain why this occurs and the length of these periods of "sexual sleep" vary from a day or so to weeks. What is invariable is that I have a voracious appetite upon my reawakening.

I have always been like this but since I took up cuckolding with Michael, I notice that the intensity of the return to sexuality is much greater. It's almost like a sexual feeding frenzy that relegates everything else to unimportance. You could say that I become a nymphomaniac because I will fuck just about anyone within reach. During this phase, it becomes difficult for me to abide by the rules Michael and I have for our cuckolding.

Owing to the force of this impulse, Michael has accepted that the rules are set aside during these spells. In a way, this excites him but it can also be disconcerting when I go too far off the reservation like the time I went away with a friend of his for a few days. When we talk about that adventure, it gets us both so worked up that incredible sex always ensues but at the time it was a problem.

One of the unexpected freedoms of cuckolding with Michael is that, ultimately, he understands when I am on and when I am off. Though I have had sexual peaks and valleys in my life, the nympho phenomenon is new and had never occurred before. I don't know if this is unique to me or if other women who are cuckolding hotwives or swingers go through similar periods of sexual intensity. I would love to know.