Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glory holes and cuckolds

I always thought glory holes were a figment of the porn film maker's imagination. Then, when I went to my first swinger party with Michael, I discovered a glory hole room and was initiated to the fun that can be had sucking on and fucking anonymous cocks. Still, it didn't quite feel like the real thing for reasons I couldn't rationalize, but I guess it was because it was a safe environment created for sex and wasn't public. Everyone was there to experience sex and it was a couples-only party. This is probably an an unimportant consideration. After all, men and women were fucking and sucking through a hole in the wall without necessarily knowing the identity of their partners. That's pretty real.

When I told Michael about this perspective, he understood and told me about how he had experienced the "real thing" with two different girlfriends over the years. The first time was at the Sutro Baths, a co-ed bathhouse in San Francisco in the seventies. There one found a sauna, a group sex room with a large bed with room for lots of people to play on or to stand around and watch, and cubicles with beds and holes in the wall strategically placed  for viewing the action in the next cubicle and sharing cocks.

When his girlfriend began giving Michael oral sex on the big bed in the group room, they were suddenly surrounded by lots of men who all wanted to join in. Some of the men took turns fucking her doggie-style as she was giving Michael head. Others fondled her and to hear Michael tell it, it was a very erotically charged evening. After leaving the group room, they went to a cubicle and she sucked a few cocks.

Michael's second "real" experience was many years later in Los Angeles where there was a co-ed bathhouse in the Silverlake area. Michael went there with a new girlfriend who liked it so much, they went back for seconds the next night! They started off in the jacuzzi and after some conversation with a third man there, the three of them retired to a cubicle where Michael watched her get fucked by her first black man. When he was finished, cocks started appearing through the wall as if to say "Me next!" It was surreal.

The girlfriend began sucking on the various cocks but apparently the men were over-excited because they all seemed to cum almost as soon as she got them into her mouth. She turned and tried to put one cock into her pussy but he came in her hand before she could slide it in. She had better luck with the next one who managed to last a few dozen strokes.

Hearing these stories, I had to revise my idea about glory holes being porn fiction but it seems these places are long gone now. Have all of these places disappeared or are they the best kept secrets in the alternative lifestyle culture?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Do your friends know you are a cuckold? Have you come out to the world in general? Would you wear this t-shirt in public or the chastity cage at a nude beach?

It is one thing to brag that you have a Hotwife but it is quite another to proclaim that you are a cuckold. Don’t you want to suffer the angst that comes from others knowing?

Order the T-shirt and wear it in public with your wife and see how it adds spice to doing your errands. Let me know how it goes.


Monday, July 15, 2013

A guest post from "switchcpl"

This is a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers switchcpl. The text below describes the video above...

"Caroline James produces some of the most erotic content regarding cuckoldry on the internet.  As a long time reader, I jumped at the chance to contribute to her erotic body of work.  I have previously posted in my own blog about Dr Jake.  In fact he was a guest author in my blog so I have never written my own perspective of Jake and my lovely hotwife.  Jake saw our blog and contacted us last fall as the male half of a couple.  As it turned out, Jake is now single but here is an excerpt from his first email to us. "Jake is larger than avg at 7" and nice girth, but not a monster as we've seen you adore :) What he does offer which is unique, is the ability to cum in large amounts 4-6 times in 1-2 hours without losing his erection...he has the hardest penis ever and it stays erect and cums and cums...if you wanted a truly unique pic/vid experience, Jake is not shy, safe, respectful and always delivers."  With an introduction like that, who could say no.  When a good looking guy writes you with the promise to deliver multiple large loads of cum and to fuck for hours, that is a hard combination for any cuckold couple to turn down!  I won't give you great details about my wife's first encounter with Jake since it is all well documented in the attached video.  The video highlights several aspects of a cuckold lifestyle that excited us both

  • The sight of my wife sharing several deep passionate kisses with Jake is a constant reminder of my wife's sexual prowess and the role that I play to keep her happy. 
  • I love every time that my wife's wedding band shows up in the video as she wraps her hand around his cock or rubs herself.  Our strong relationship together is reinforced by the sight of our marriage displayed prominently as she loses herself in the lust of another man's cock and cum.
  • My wife's vocal sighs and moans as she enjoys her passion and buries his cock deep into her pussy for the first time. 
  • Jake deposited his first load of cum deep into my wife's pussy.  I edited the video to zoom just as Jake does a long stroke in and out of her pussy resulting in a huge glob of sticky cum sliding out of my wife and down his balls.
  • When my wife spins around and begins to fuck Jake reverse cowgirl style, my cock throbs as I have a front row seat of his cock spears my wife and she rides him confidently and occasionally leans over to enjoy the view of her pussy engulfing Jake's cock.
It took me several months to edit this video and I am happy to report that this is only the first part of the video.  To date Jake has only visited us once which is of course disappointing which I think you will appreciate after you watch the video.  He and my wife have made several dates but since he drives 2 hours to visit her, something has always managed to stop the meeting from happening.  I know that Jake is ready for a rematch and I hope that his travels brings him to our town frequently this summer.  My mind races with anticipation.  And I frequently debate in my own mind, do I want to be at their next meeting to capture another incredible sex act on video or should I let the two of them enjoy a long afternoon uninterrupted so I can fantasize as to what happened and how good my wife must have felt.  Quite frankly, with any luck Jake will make a few stops this summer and I can have my cake and eat it too."

I love this couple's content!

Join them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/switchcpl

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cuckolding development on Reddit

I found this post on Reddit and it illustrates how quickly the idea of cuckolding can insinuate itself into the psyche of a woman. The problem is that too many men who crave this lifestyle fail to treat their spouse as an equal by communicating their desires openly and honestly.

"Three days ago my wife caught me on r/cuckold. The window in the background had this post up when I tried quickly to close: 
http://cucklifestyle.blogspot.com/2013/01/cuckoldingwithfriend.html?zx=36c05e2a483a70eb .

She got mad and told me to "never do that again". I apologized profusely and she dropped it fairly quickly (especially for her!). That night, we had sex (much to my surprise) and it was remarkable! She took control like never before, but never hinted at anything like what she saw me looking at. I chalked it up as a win and didn't think anything of it until yesterday. I watched her get dressed for work and noticed she didn't put any panties on under her skirt. When I commented on how hot that was, she said "keep it in your pants, I just don't have any clean." Again, oblivious me didn't think anything of it. She left for work and as I was about to leave, I noticed her wedding and engagement rings on the counter. This got me thinking and I went to check her lingerie drawer - plenty of clean panties! I wasn't shocked at all that night when I got a call telling me she had to work late...

Have any other men been introduced to cuckolding without talking about it first?? I guess it's just called cheating when the SO doesn't know, but it turns me on like crazy!"

Whether you leave your browser open to give her a glimpse at the subject (and your interest in it) or simply hand her a copy of my book and tell her you would like to hear her opinions, it is sure that if you don't bring up the subject of your desires, they will likely never be met.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Total immersion cuckolding

I enjoy what I call total immersion cuckolding. It is when every aspect of the cuckolding world comes into play and I just "wallow" in it. This video excites me for this reason. She is gorgeous, He is beautiful and black and huge. The husband is caged and I find it very exciting that a man can admit to that primal urge of denial to his woman.

Let me know if you enjoy this as much as I do.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mainstream cuckolding again

 I found this on Psychology Today's website about a judge who likes engaging in sex with black men while her husband, an attorney, watches:

"So in the continuing saga of the kinky cuckold fetish going mainstream, and coming out from the "down low," we have the story of Canadian judge Lori Douglas and her husband Jack King. A few years ago, Jack was attorney to Alex Chapman, representing Alex in a divorce case. Mr. Chapman happened to be a black man, and apparently, Jack and Lori share a fetish for watching Lori have sex with black men."

I don't think cuckolding or wifesharing will ever be entirely mainstream because there are too many primal urges and feelings involved in the activity for it to be openly discussed in social settings; lust, jealousy, need, desire, humiliation and much, much more. However, we are coming to the point where many more of us are thinking to ourslelves "Yes, they are into it, too!" when an article like this one surfaces.

I think we will be seeing this sort of story more and more as time goes by.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cuckolding intimacies

What I am discovering is that if a man can make his mate comfortable with her inner truths, she becomes freer to express herself. With Michael’s first “Hotwife” girlfriend, this manifested with her being able to share with him her excitement about having sex with black men. The phrase “Once you go black, you never go back” might have been coined for her because she fell into a habit of seeking out black men at the swing parties they attended together. How many normal, married women would like to indulge that fantasy with the encouragement of their husbands? Her ability to share this with Michael brought them closer together.

Michael’s next girlfriend was bi and opened up about her fantasies to see him with another man. I don’t know how many women want to see their men having sex with another man but I suspect that it is more than we think. At first the idea was a turn-off for me but, strangely, the idea began to take hold of me and finally began to excite me. Who would have guessed?
Years later, Michael was with a woman who shared with him her desire for double penetrations, meaning having a man vaginally and anally at the same time. Imagine how comfortable she was with him to admit to that! They did it and it became a staple of their sexual repertoire.

Yet another woman told Michael she was turned on by the idea of anonymous sex with multiple partners in public settings. This is referred to as Dogging on the Internet and I believe it is not only a form of porn but is also a real manifestation of a primal urge on the part of women and their men. I see it as a pagan ritual with a very earthy exultation of sex.

I never hear such confidences from my female friends about their sex lives and they certainly tell me lots of intimate details about their sexual lives with their men. I’ve heard how often they have sex, how big the husband’s or boyfriend’s penis is, if they provide oral sex, etc. But, I’ve never heard about their own sexual needs and desires and the fantasies that they have for themselves. It’s as though their fantasies have been shut off. What a way to live!

(From Cuckolding by Caroline James )