Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruined orgasms

There are so many aspects to cuckolding that there is something for everyone no matter how specialized their preferences. I think Michael and I are pretty straightforward in our approach. Vanilla sex with Michael watching for the most part. Sometimes I give him a taste of humiliation which seems to excite both of us. Sometimes I feel dominating and purposefully push the envelope of what is comfortable for both of us.  At times, I roll into denial with him. We haven't yet ordered a chastity device but I am thinking about getting one for him and would love to hear from readers which devices they prefer and why.

I was watching porn videos and found a compilation of "ruined orgasms" that really excited me. It seems to me that there are many ways to ruin a man's orgasm. The first is to get him to the point of cumming and abandon his penis letting it ejaculate without your touch and insisting that he keep his own hands off. Apparently, this is very frustrating for the male at a moment when he would ordinarily be thrusting harder into a vagina to enhance his orgasm, he gets nothing. Another way to ruin an orgasm is to continue stroking him during his orgasm and continue even after his ejaculation has ended. This can be painful for him offsetting any pleasure the orgasm gave him. The penis becomes quite sensitive and the continued action is most unwelcome. I would love to hear from readers about their ruined pleasures.

I think I will incorporate ruined orgasms into our play as it combines a number of categories at the same time. It is a form of denial, provides humiliation especially when performed in front of another man who just fucked me and is a way of dominating Michael that will provoke displeasure as it happens and fuel hot, erotic flashbacks for the future.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gang bang

I was talking with a woman at a swing party who told me about her experiences with gang bangs. As this is something I've not yet done, I was curious about her reactions to having multiple men fucking her more or less all at once. She told me that she has participated in two kinds of gang bangs. One is what she referred to as pulling a train where one man after another fucks her. Some of them come back for seconds after they've recovered making for a prolonged session. I got the impression of men lined up awaiting their turn. She is the locomotive and the men are the boxcars in this reference. The other is where she is the center of things and as many men as possible have access to her body at once. She would be penetrated vaginally while sucking other men and being groped by as many men who are within reach. She has done double penetrations like this taking one man in her pussy and another in her ass while sucking off whoever put their cock near her mouth.

Most mainstream people would consider this degrading to the woman and that the men are using her. She told me that this was partly true and was one of the aspects that turned her on. Then she said that it was also a Goddess thing for her meaning that she was affirmed by acting as a female vessel for so many men. After the third of fourth man in a session, she went into a kind of trance or hyper-space where her femininity was at a peak and she would feel an emotional high that nothing else in her experience had ever produced.

I asked how her husband felt about her gang bangs. She said he went back and forth from total excitement to despair. Always it energized their lovemaking for weeks after an event. I asked if he participated in these sessions. Only when she pulls a train could he be one of the men, she told me. During her "cluster-fucks", as she called them, he would only watch and she would not have sex with him until her pussy soreness went away. Sometimes that would be several days. I asked her why the distinction but she wasn't able to say. It was just her instinctual choice. Most of her gang bangs were done bareback she confided. This, more than anything else, aroused my own sexual response.

I wasn't able to speak to her husband to get his reactions, but I did talk to Michael about this interesting woman and her adventures. It obviously excited him as much as it excited me repeating her stories to him. I would love to hear readers' thoughts on this. I have also posted a poll with questions about what my own gang bang should be like if I decide to take that step.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cuckolding on Craig's List

The other night I was in a playful mood and thought I would experiment with something new. I went onto Craig's List and looked at the posts in the Casual Encounters m4mw list. I found a few that sounded interesting and sent email replies that included a very revealing photo of me. Only one answered back immediately. He was advertising a huge cock and I thought it would be fun to have Michael watch him fuck me.

Though his ad promised more photos of him, his reply contained only questions about us. How old are we? Are either of us bi? I answered his questions and included a second revealing photo of myself taken in the same setting as the first one I'd sent. In response, he insisted on seeing a photo of Michael and I together even though he still hadn't sent additional photos of himself. At this point I lost interest. I usually don't have to jump through so many hoops to get a man into bed.

Michael thought it was funny saying the guy was acting like a nervous female. We had a good laugh and went to dinner at one of the better hotels in Beverly Hills. Finding ourselves in the bar afterwards, we got into a conversation with a good looking man. At one point I asked him if he had ever fucked a woman in front of her husband. He was surprised but our conversation heated up and the next thing you know, Michael was watching me getting fucked by a man with a huge cock. Well, maybe not huge but big enough to keep us thinking about it for a few days.

So much for Craig's List.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hotwife and cuckold = femdom?

I don't think of myself as a domme but realize that I can and do have both submissive and dominant qualities that show themselves at different times. Maybe it depends on who is around me at the time. Maybe it is simply a matter of what I need to express at any given moment. I can be either and enjoy them both.

Michael is not a submissive but I occasionally get the urge to "femdom" him by doing something to make him jealous. This might seem strange since we are definitely into the Hotwife lifestyle, so how does jealousy come into play? Usually I provoke it by saying or doing something that comes very close to breaking one of our rules. Sometimes, I go ahead and break a rule. Yes, we have rules. One is that Michael doesn't fuck other women.

Once we were at a business get-together and I was looking at the bulge in another man's pants. "Nice cock!" I said with Michael sitting next to me. Both men were embarassed but saying it got me wet. It probably got them both hard when they thought about it later but it broke the rule about crossing the line with people who know us. Another time, I was feeling mischeivous and told a lover that Michael wanted to suck his cock. Michael was watching him fuck me when I said it and I could feel my lover's cock get harder and I noticed that Michael's cock stiffened after I said it.

I don't know if this qualifies me as a part-time domme, but I do know that I enjoy it.