Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cuckolding and coitus reservatus

Michael and I have been experimenting lately with tantric sex or coitus reservatus. We are far from experts but the idea is for Michael to have multiple orgasms but without ejaculating. It is normal for Michael to be hyper excited after I've been with another man and we've noticed that his body demands an orgasm. This is what makes tease and denial so tantalizing. But the tantric orgasm requires discipline and patience. We bring him to the limit of orgasm but stop short of ejaculation. He can throb but not squirt.

Is this frustrating? At first, very! As we progressed with this approach, it became obvious that it left Michael in a constant state of semi-arousal. His cock became super sensitive to his own thoughts and to my touch. Erections sprang forth involuntarily and semen drips constantly. This, I think, is fun!

I wonder how many other couples have incorporated this into their cuckolding?