Friday, October 26, 2012

Cuckolding on Kindle

Cuckolding is now available on Kindle and I want to thank Vanessa Chaland for her invaluable help in this and a related matter. See it at: Cuckolding

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cuckolding: “How do I get my spouse interested in cuckolding?”

Cuckolding as a lifestyle is puzzling to many because it seems to go against the grain of modern society to have a happily married couple where the man is monogamous and the women is sexually free. Women have told me that it is the ideal fantasy. Men have told me they wish their wives would be interested. Maybe it's time for these men and women to talk to each other and share their fantasies about this subject.

Whether couples adopt cuckolding as fantasy role-play or as the reality of their relationship, it is a highly erotic arrangement that also appeals to the intellect. I have written a book that, I think, speaks to men and women equally and my answer to the question  “How do I get my spouse interested in cuckolding?” is: Have them read my book.

Fifty Shades of Grey has shown that women are beginning to take a strong interest in their sexuality on their own terms and it could just be that we are moving away from the stifling constraints of a patriarchal society and towards the creative environment of a matriarchal paradigm. A man who understands this will see that he, too, has a lot to gain from this shift.

If this subject has already captured your imagination, get the book and give it to the one you love. You can find it here: Cuckolding (Amazon) or Cuckolding (CreateSpace) or Cuckolding (Kindle).