Saturday, October 20, 2012

What was your first experience with a cuckold boyfriend?

I love hearing her story!


  1. Great video! I just came to your blog and love it!

    I've been thinking about why do this turn me and other men on for a while. I think there is may be an evolutionary basis for the cuckold thing being erotic to some men as a reproductive strategy.

    While the evolutionary benefits for a woman to "cheat" are fairly obvious -- genetic diversity in her offspring, and access to men with higher quality genes than the man who long term pairs with her -- there could also be an evolutionary explanation for why some men would eroticize their wife or LTRs infidelity.

    The more common reproductive strategy, of course, is for a man in a long term relationship is to attempt to prevent his woman from coupling with rival males. Therefore the woman he is with, if she chooses the reproductive strategy of "cheating" to get the better and more diverse genes than what she can get from her long time partner, she has to take a risk of her primary partner finding out. I imagine back in pre-civilized times that risk could be pretty high -- even deadly. In fact, concerns for safety -- including the danger of not having a loving partner during times of pregnancy and early childhood for her young -- are really the only mitigating factors for why ALL women wouldn't choose this reproductive strategy.

    But with a male who is accommodating of her strategy, or better yet erotically excited by it and deferential to the process, the risk is removed. Thus, this could be a very attractive quality in a man. Therefore such a man would presumably have access to more women with better genes to choose from, to long-term partner with. Even though he may end up taking care of some children he didn't father, presumably he'd have some kids from his genes also.

    This tendency in some men may also have another basis in natural selection. Much, probably most of the time, the secondary sex partner would be chosen based on superior physical size and strength to him (among other qualities). Many males who objected passionately to their mates sexual partnership with this type of man might have been killed off before passing along their genes, unlike their more accommodating "beta" brethren.

    If you look at it that way, you can see how the this tendency in some men could be good for the "cuckold," the "wife," the "bull," any children that come from any of the coupling that occurs, and the species as a whole. Everyone gets to fuck their way up the gene pool -- except for the alpha male, but he gets to fuck the woman and move on to new ones with a better possibility that his young will be cared for by a surrogate father.

    Just a theory.

  2. That was indeed an interesting story. Did you see her sparkling eyes when she tells the details!

  3. Bummer. The YouTube account has been terminated. The video is gone. :-(