Friday, October 26, 2012

Cuckolding on Kindle

Cuckolding is now available on Kindle and I want to thank Vanessa Chaland for her invaluable help in this and a related matter. See it at: Cuckolding


  1. My wife and I are about half way through your book and to my huge surprise she is excited by the ideas you write about. We talk the talk in bed and we are both wondering if this will become real for us. It really is an exciting development in our married life and I can't thank you enough.

  2. I am very happy to read your comment! It is intriguing to me to see just how interested a woman can be in sex and sexuality once she senses she is in a judgment-free zone.

  3. Now that I am reading your book, I am horney all the time!! Candace

  4. Candace,

    I don 't think it's any exaggeration for me to say that I've been in a state of horniness since Michael first mentioned cuckolding to me!


  5. Your book is the best! Next step is getting my husband to read it.


  6. My husband and I both read your book and it excited us to think about what you wrote and your experiences. After a lot of hot pillow talk and role playing phone calls while I was out of town, we finally agreed to take the plunge. I had sex with another man and my husband watched.

    The result was surprising. We've been having sex every day since then and are always thinking about what happened. My husband goes through moments where he expresses some regret and jealousy and says we shouldn't do it again. It seems sincere, but then I ask him something like Don't you want to hear the sound of another man's cock in my wet pussy again? and he's back on Craig's List looking for a new candidate!

    I love this!