Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When cuckolding was "mainstream"

I have mentioned that notable matriarchal societies revered female liberties some of which now manifest in the cuckolding lifestyle and I find this interesting and compelling. It is as though this undercurrent of "rightness" is trying to revive itself into what has become a degraded modern patriarchy.

The following is an excerpt from a blog about the Indian culture in the Sonoma area of California. See if what it describes doesn't seem familiar:

"On the third night of the Bear Dance Ritual, the women proceeded by torchlight from The Sacred Springs, and presented themselves to the Chief of Chiefs who was now one with the spirit of the Great Bear. They brought with them as an offering The Gift.

The Gift was what the Indians called sex, and it belonged to a woman, just like we own a car, or a sweater. The Gift was theirs to give to whomever, whenever, and wherever they chose. The punishment for trying to take The Gift, without the woman offering you the gift first, was irrevocable and immediate: Death.

The women were so generous with The Gift that rape was obsolete.

To fall in love as we do in our culture today, to obsess over one particular female, to want to keep her from sharing The Gift with anyone other than you, was an aberration abhorrent to all healthy sane Indian men and women.

At the first sign of such a mental disorder, a Shaman was called in to perform exorcisms, healing rituals, and to cure the deviant.

In Sonoma, the Indians received their souls, their names, and their assigned life-partners at the age of four. Marriage had nothing to do with sex.

Of course, if you work for the State, even as a volunteer, you are not allowed to say any of these things.

The winners rewrite history.

Indians in Sonoma never associated pregnancy with The Gift. Sex had nothing to do with marriage, because you were married at the age of four. An Indian woman could give The Gift to whomever she chose, according to how the Spirit of The Turquoise Maiden moved her. If she were so inclined, she could even give The Gift to her husband.

The one thing that most upset the Catholic Padres...was the way women gave the Gift so generously, and to so many men. They gave it to their brothers, their sons, their uncles, their cousins, and even to strangers.

Baby-making was considered a magical power, something women did all by themselves with the great Creator Spirit. So pervasive was this belief that there was no word for Father in the Indian language; only Uncle.

No wonder the Sonoma Indian men worshiped the Sonoma Indian women."

I have left out much of what was written by the author, leaving in what is pertinent to our interest. To read this very well written post in its entirety, do a Google search for: The Sonoma Mission and the Bear Sacrifice Site. Her book, Sonoma Ghosts by Carla Heine, is available here: Ghosts

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reader's comment on Cuckolding by Caroline James

Michael just had me look at a thread on the excellent Our Hotwives forum where there is a thread titled "Has anyone read the Carolyn (sic) James cuckolding book?" A forum member posted, "I think Caroline's book 'Cuckolding' is one of the top two or three in the genre."

Thank you so much!

See the thread here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"You ought to see my pussy..."

Sometimes I'll think of the most audacious and titillating things to say to Michael that have to do with our cuckolding activities, real and/or imagined, because what I have done or might do both provide stimulation for us that enhances our relationship.

Last night at a large celebration with hundreds of people most of whom Michael and I didn't know, I found myself being followed around by a young man in his mid-twenties. He had been drinking, maybe a little more than the others present, and was letting me know that he fancied me. Finally, he blurted out, "You have a nice ass." Michael was standing near enough to hear which prompted me to say, "You ought to see my pussy. I had it waxed earlier today." The boy stared back at me not knowing what to say and I saw a big smile cross Michael's face signalling his enjoyment of my unexpected remark.

Though he was staying in the hotel where the event was being held, I didn't suggest we make that journey realizing that in his inebriated condition, he would be unlikely to perform. The rush of the moment was best left unspoiled by a frustrating, follow-up attempt.

The point is, the cuckolding rush can be had without performing the deed. Couples wanting to experiment and dip a toe in these waters can do so without going all the way. If it thrills, continue!

If the young man had a little less to drink that evening, he would have had an interesting anecdote to tell his friends about the woman he fucked while her husband watched. As it was, Michael and I had some fabulous sex when we got home.

Why not think of some sexy things to say to your spouse and see if this works for the two of you?