Monday, November 19, 2012

Reader's comment on Cuckolding by Caroline James

Michael just had me look at a thread on the excellent Our Hotwives forum where there is a thread titled "Has anyone read the Carolyn (sic) James cuckolding book?" A forum member posted, "I think Caroline's book 'Cuckolding' is one of the top two or three in the genre."

Thank you so much!

See the thread here:


  1. Caroline,

    I am reading your book and needed to take time to write to you. I am a mature woman just now going through menopause. My doctor has been prescribing medication that has revived my sex drive and I feel like I am in my thirties again sexually. My husband went through a bit of a dry period with me but is happy with my return to my former self.

    What I am experiencing is that the more sex I get, the more sex I want. When I stumbled upon your blog, I was shocked, fascinated and am now obsessed with the idea of cuckolding. Your book came along at exactly the right time for me because I don't know how I might have reacted to it during my sexual dry period.

    I want my husband to read your book when I have finished it and I have been experimenting with some erotic pillow talk with cuckolding themes. He hasn't commented but it is obvious from his physical reaction that it turns him on big time. He will even want to have me a second time after a short rest. That hasn't happened since we were much younger!

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you this and thank you for having the courage to pass along your experiences. I am certain I am not the only woman to revel in the fantasy hoping it will become a reality. Bravo!


  2. Meg,

    I can't adequately describe what it means to me to read your comments. They make me very happy that I decided to write my book when I had been thinking that no one would be interested. I'm thankful also to Michael for his encouragement and insistence that my subjective view of this lifestyle might find acceptance with readers.

    Whether you and your man move from pillow talk fantasy into reality is not important. That you have managed to revitalize your relationship is everything. Bravo to you!


  3. Caroline,

    I love your book which was given to me by my husband's sister. I gave her Fifty Shades of Grey and I think I got the better deal!

    Love you,

  4. Simone,

    Does your husband know what book his sister gave you?


  5. Caroline-
    I've just finished your book and thank you so much for enriching my fantasy life! I guess I should give it to my husband to read and see if it has the same effect on him. Should I buy him his own copy without all my yellow highlighting or do you think he should see what was getting me hot? ;)

  6. Janey,

    I suggest you get him a clean copy and ask him to highlight the parts that excite him. When he's done, exchange your copies and see how well the match up. Have fun!


  7. Caroline,

    I want to find a hot-girlfriend who will become my hot-fiance' then my beloved hot-wife. I'm taking things out of the usual "order" since most hot-wives are married before taking their men cuck.

    When I was young, I once was recruited as a bull. Then years later I was involved with a sexually independent woman who would have been a great hotwife. I was not ready at that time. I am now ready and I tend to think I can now find a woman like her again so that from the start I can be a cuck boyfriend.

    I have introduced the hot-wifing concept to several women I was courting and it killed our courtship. Perhaps my approach was wrong.

    Here is my question. Is it possible to develop a cuck relationship with a woman from the start? Do you have any ideas, stories, hints?


  8. Your book has been the reason to explore even further our sexual life me and my husband. So thank you very much!!!
    Humans are complicated; with luck one enjoys the process of figuring out what makes one's partner tick.Cuckolding is more than just sex, as it turnes out for us it has become a philosophy, a way of life.
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  9. My wife gave me your book. At first I didnt know what to think. But when she read it aloud to me in bed it was clear that I liked what I heard. It could easily be seen between my leg where I had a tremendous hard-on. Especially the interracial aspect turns us both on. I cant describe how much better our sexlife has become. I love to watch my wife being fucked by a very well endowed American male living here in Denmark. After he has ejaculated in her I am ordered do to my cleanup duty. This is the hight of new sexlife. Thank you Carolina. Jens

  10. Jens,

    Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate your feedback and I am very glad you have found cuckolding to be a lifestyle that excites you and bonds you with your wife!