Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cuckolding and coitus reservatus

Michael and I have been experimenting lately with tantric sex or coitus reservatus. We are far from experts but the idea is for Michael to have multiple orgasms but without ejaculating. It is normal for Michael to be hyper excited after I've been with another man and we've noticed that his body demands an orgasm. This is what makes tease and denial so tantalizing. But the tantric orgasm requires discipline and patience. We bring him to the limit of orgasm but stop short of ejaculation. He can throb but not squirt.

Is this frustrating? At first, very! As we progressed with this approach, it became obvious that it left Michael in a constant state of semi-arousal. His cock became super sensitive to his own thoughts and to my touch. Erections sprang forth involuntarily and semen drips constantly. This, I think, is fun!

I wonder how many other couples have incorporated this into their cuckolding?


  1. Where did you learn about the techniques involved? Sounds very interesting.

  2. Mmm would love to suck his cock...

  3. Roberto,

    I first heard of it from a girlfriend in my yoga class. There is much to read about it on the Internet.

    Kinky Swede,

    Could I watch? :)

  4. My Goddess and I recently attended a weekend tantric lovemaking workshop, where we learned many methods of diving deeper into each other's sexual psyches. The biggest difficulty for us has been finding quality, quiet time to practice the methods. Tantric lovemaking can take a long, long time if done correctly. Our pattern to date has been to start with the tantric methods, but after 10 minutes or so we become so worked up for each other that we lose the discipline and attack each other, which I suppose is not a bad thing!
    This has been more beneficial for my Goddess, as she usually has difficulty quieting her mind and getting into the moment. We also have been reading a book entitled "The Art of Sexual Exstasy" which delves even deeper into the tantric methods.
    As for the T&D, that is something my Goddess loves to inflict upon me, then put me to bed with no relief. Sheer agony!

  5. We tried playing with orgasm denial and while there were some interesting moments, my husband got the dreaded blue balls one time when we were experimenting on how far it could go and that was it..He was in pain even after I gave him head and he came! We take the teasing to the limits now, but I don't want him to be in pain from it. And from the look on his face he was pretty miserable. I will say however, that on a previous occasion that we tried it successfully I kept him from cumming for about an hour while licking ad sucking him and squeezing his cock and then I finally let him inside me. In less than a minute he pulled out and ejaculated one of the biggest orgasms I can remember him having on my body and it was like a geyser!

  6. We have enjoyed orgasm denial many times and it is one of my favorite activities. I never allow myself to come until permitted. I love having my cock in a constant state or arousal, particularly when my wife is with one of her bulls. Thanks for an awesome post.

  7. For the past few years I've been working on my own (mostly) with edging and denial. I've learned to stop in time, relax and then continue without ejaculating. My longest is 32 days and it's difficult to describe the feelings that built up inside. After a couple of weeks my cock was always semi-erect and leaked a lot. I began to find more and more pleasure stimulating my nipples, my ass and even working on my balls...anything to keep from touching my cock sometimes and cumming before it was time. Mostly now I'll go for a few days and cum once. There are also "ruined" orgasms where any stimulation of the penis stops the instant ejaculation starts. If the timing is leaves him empty and unfulfilled at the same oddly intriguing feeling. Often I fantasize about being locked up and only cumming with permission.

  8. My wife and I stopped fucking totally almost 9 yrs ago, actually just prior to our getting married. We have actually never fucked as husband and wife yet our sex life is awesome. It took her about a year to train me not to ejaculate...I can "cum" but not ejaculate. At first it was difficult, my balls always felt like exploding. But within a year it became the most pleasurable orgasms i ever had. Now i can actual orgasm while my "clit" (she took my cock away 8 yrs ago) is soft. I can have multi orgasms now too. now i am allowed to ejaculate once every 3 months, if i'm soft, directly onto her gorgous pussy and then eat it.

  9. Increasingly in the last few months, my wife has almost stopped letting me have sex with her - like once a month.

    Lately I have caught her sneaking my pajamas down at night while she thinks I am asleep. She then proceeds to tease me to full hardness and she fingers herself to orgasm. If I move or act as if I am waking, she stops. She keeps me hard as a rock and dripping pre cum for hours. While she brings me right to the verge, she never lets me cum. I'm a little confused or intrigued by her new sex habits, sleep deprived and about to burst into full hardness all day.

    Last night I had only been in bed for about five minutes when she came home late from her girls night out at a dark downtown club in an expensive hotel. She not so quietly came to bed and was a little looked disheveled. For the most part I was curious and already turned on by what kind of looked like her naughty night out, so I figured I would just "stay asleep" and see what happens, She got naked, then slowIy fingered herself and tweaked her nipples. I saw it all through my partly closed eyes as her head leaned back and her hips thrust into her hand. Then she almost fell into bed.

    It only took a few of minutes before she started inching my pajamas down. As she got them well past my knees, she slowly pulled my knees apart slowly spreading my legs open. In anticipation I was about half hard. I thought she might decide I was awake and stop. But she lightly touched me and I reached straight up status in no time.

    You should know I’m not small. She always has said it’s better than most at least a good 8 and a half inches. She has always loved it, she even told her girl friends about it. I heard her brag about it and described it in detail.

    Anyway, after just getting me started I felt like I was hard as I have ever been, there I was already dripping. I could hear her working on herself apparently already very super wet. I was surprised how practically splashing wet she sounded pushing in and out of herself. After a couple of minutes she dipped her fingers in deep and gathered a palm full of her juices. She then dripped and drizzled globs of it on my erection and in my open mouth. It took me by surprise. It was kind of thick, sticky and tasted different, kind of salty. She continued to drench me until she reached a handful of orgasms so intense I thought she would hyperventilate.

    In the morning I woke up still hard, in a slight wet spot with clearish globs of creamy looking white crust drops covering me and my mouth. I was a little curious about the look of her now dried deposits. She smiled as she watched my reaction to the crust. She then reached for me and stroked me a few times pulling my hairs from the crust droplets. She then told me how much fun she had the night before at the club. After about 10 strokes she said you better hurry, shower and get to work. She watched me carefully as I walked to the shower. I was so stiff it was practically uncomfortable to walk. As I left the room, I noticed her smile as her hand disappeared below the sheets

    Though it is intensely sexual to have her stimulate me and keep me hard, and even a bit erotic to be denied; I am caught between enjoying her little "secret game" and wanting to know more. I don't want to harm her fun by needing to know too much. Ultimately it is her that I want to be happy and satisfied. I love watching and hearing her. I am glad she is finding satisfaction in taking control. I need advise.

  10. That last comment is so amazing I can only imagine how he endures it all. Someone should reblog it everywhere. More wives should know how to do this.

  11. My true story is posted above. I just wanted to offer an update. It's been a few months and she continues her night games. We have had sex only twice in that time and I am so frustrated. Yet at the same time conflicted by the erotic tease she is offering. It's like she is gifting me these hardness opportunities as a reward for her still unconfessed extra marital diversions. Even last night, she repeated her night games and I woke pulsing. She had to leave early for an out of town work trip before me and made a show of getting ready for work. I was so hard it was impossible to hide it from her. She just smiled. She headed to the front door of our home. I noticed she had left her briefcase in our room. She called out to me to bring it to her. So as embarrassed as I was, I did it. She was standing there with the front door open to the street. I hesitated, afraid of being seen by those walking by, but she just said, "well, come on..." So hard on or not I did it. The chilly morning air only made me harder. I may have been seen, I don't know but it pleased her. She held me there and kissed me goodbye passionately for about a minute. And then off she walked to her car. I was so stunned, I caught my self still standing there after about another minute. I have been hard all day and decided to share this with you.

    Any way, AnonymousMay 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM above suggested people share the story. I say feel free. Other wives and girlfriends should know how much fun they can have take advantage of their own sexual excitement.