Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cuckolding Michael

I've been asked by men and women alike what it is I love about cuckolding with Michael. There are so many answers I could give. Some would cover the big picture such as how it has liberated me in the sexual and non-sexual (if there is such a thing) aspects of my life. I love the emotions I experience when Michael watches me kissing another man as the stranger is thrusting into me. I love the way I came just as another man entered me without any build up at all. I will never forget Michael holding me open so a lover could put himself into me. Neither will I soon forget the many and conflicting emotions and sensations from our one and only pregnancy scare to date.

The sex is good but the closeness I have with Michael is even better. I cannot imagine any of the men I play with being able to fill Michael's role in my life. A man I was fucking asked if I felt less of Michael because I experienced other men. The question amazed me because I think much more of him because of this thing we do.

I don't know if cuckolding is like this for other couples, but i hope it is.


  1. That is an incredbly hot picture!!! I would love to kiss my wife's slutty mouth right after she used it to pleasure another man's cock and it was dripping with his cum. Michael is a very lucky man that you make him do this!

  2. Miss Caroline,
    If my memory serves me, that photo is one from a series I came across six or seven years ago on the forum. If that is you, then I believe I may have corresponded with your michael at that time. Thank you for posting it and reminding me of those hot sexy photos!

  3. I love your thoughts on this Caroline! As a "newbie" you are a source of great information and ideas for my husband and I to explore the cuckold experience in our own way. With our limited ventures into this side of the lifestyle I think we are already closer and there is definitely a strong bond between a man and woman for this to even be considered. Much duality of emotions and purpose that I can see already in this.

    And I agree, the pic on this post is wonderful!

  4. when was the preg scare? and what were the circumstances? thank you.

  5. Can you elaborate more on your pregnancy scare? Who, when, time of your cycle when it happened, etc? Very erotic. Thank you.

  6. YES! For me cuckolding is just that. There is no substitute for my man. I just love him. The more men I have sex with, the more I love him.