Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cuckolding intimacies

What I am discovering is that if a man can make his mate comfortable with her inner truths, she becomes freer to express herself. With Michael’s first “Hotwife” girlfriend, this manifested with her being able to share with him her excitement about having sex with black men. The phrase “Once you go black, you never go back” might have been coined for her because she fell into a habit of seeking out black men at the swing parties they attended together. How many normal, married women would like to indulge that fantasy with the encouragement of their husbands? Her ability to share this with Michael brought them closer together.

Michael’s next girlfriend was bi and opened up about her fantasies to see him with another man. I don’t know how many women want to see their men having sex with another man but I suspect that it is more than we think. At first the idea was a turn-off for me but, strangely, the idea began to take hold of me and finally began to excite me. Who would have guessed?
Years later, Michael was with a woman who shared with him her desire for double penetrations, meaning having a man vaginally and anally at the same time. Imagine how comfortable she was with him to admit to that! They did it and it became a staple of their sexual repertoire.

Yet another woman told Michael she was turned on by the idea of anonymous sex with multiple partners in public settings. This is referred to as Dogging on the Internet and I believe it is not only a form of porn but is also a real manifestation of a primal urge on the part of women and their men. I see it as a pagan ritual with a very earthy exultation of sex.

I never hear such confidences from my female friends about their sex lives and they certainly tell me lots of intimate details about their sexual lives with their men. I’ve heard how often they have sex, how big the husband’s or boyfriend’s penis is, if they provide oral sex, etc. But, I’ve never heard about their own sexual needs and desires and the fantasies that they have for themselves. It’s as though their fantasies have been shut off. What a way to live!

(From Cuckolding by Caroline James )


  1. I guess it is very difficult for women to express themselves and their sexual desires. It seems that they fear that "society" or whomever they talk to, including husbands and best girlfriends, might think of them as sluttish.

    I'm still curious about that black guy fascination some (many?) white American women (housewives) seem to have. I hear and read a lot about it. However, it seems most of these women have a white guy as partner. Why? Doesn't that mean that the whole affair about that "big black savage", good enough to fuck but not appropriate as a boyfriend / husband, is actually a very racist thinking these women have?

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I agree here, too, regarding the association you make between dogging and a pagan affirmation of female sexuality. So many of the attitudes and behaviors that underpin an orderly, safe society do so at the cost of our more orgiastic instincts. It’s only natural that our basic nature would find expression in different forms and resist being absolutely purged from being. A wonderful insight, thanks.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  3. Spirit Ogre,

    I think it is more a primal urge than a racist one :)