Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glory holes and cuckolds

I always thought glory holes were a figment of the porn film maker's imagination. Then, when I went to my first swinger party with Michael, I discovered a glory hole room and was initiated to the fun that can be had sucking on and fucking anonymous cocks. Still, it didn't quite feel like the real thing for reasons I couldn't rationalize, but I guess it was because it was a safe environment created for sex and wasn't public. Everyone was there to experience sex and it was a couples-only party. This is probably an an unimportant consideration. After all, men and women were fucking and sucking through a hole in the wall without necessarily knowing the identity of their partners. That's pretty real.

When I told Michael about this perspective, he understood and told me about how he had experienced the "real thing" with two different girlfriends over the years. The first time was at the Sutro Baths, a co-ed bathhouse in San Francisco in the seventies. There one found a sauna, a group sex room with a large bed with room for lots of people to play on or to stand around and watch, and cubicles with beds and holes in the wall strategically placed  for viewing the action in the next cubicle and sharing cocks.

When his girlfriend began giving Michael oral sex on the big bed in the group room, they were suddenly surrounded by lots of men who all wanted to join in. Some of the men took turns fucking her doggie-style as she was giving Michael head. Others fondled her and to hear Michael tell it, it was a very erotically charged evening. After leaving the group room, they went to a cubicle and she sucked a few cocks.

Michael's second "real" experience was many years later in Los Angeles where there was a co-ed bathhouse in the Silverlake area. Michael went there with a new girlfriend who liked it so much, they went back for seconds the next night! They started off in the jacuzzi and after some conversation with a third man there, the three of them retired to a cubicle where Michael watched her get fucked by her first black man. When he was finished, cocks started appearing through the wall as if to say "Me next!" It was surreal.

The girlfriend began sucking on the various cocks but apparently the men were over-excited because they all seemed to cum almost as soon as she got them into her mouth. She turned and tried to put one cock into her pussy but he came in her hand before she could slide it in. She had better luck with the next one who managed to last a few dozen strokes.

Hearing these stories, I had to revise my idea about glory holes being porn fiction but it seems these places are long gone now. Have all of these places disappeared or are they the best kept secrets in the alternative lifestyle culture?

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