Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cuckolding development on Reddit

I found this post on Reddit and it illustrates how quickly the idea of cuckolding can insinuate itself into the psyche of a woman. The problem is that too many men who crave this lifestyle fail to treat their spouse as an equal by communicating their desires openly and honestly.

"Three days ago my wife caught me on r/cuckold. The window in the background had this post up when I tried quickly to close: .

She got mad and told me to "never do that again". I apologized profusely and she dropped it fairly quickly (especially for her!). That night, we had sex (much to my surprise) and it was remarkable! She took control like never before, but never hinted at anything like what she saw me looking at. I chalked it up as a win and didn't think anything of it until yesterday. I watched her get dressed for work and noticed she didn't put any panties on under her skirt. When I commented on how hot that was, she said "keep it in your pants, I just don't have any clean." Again, oblivious me didn't think anything of it. She left for work and as I was about to leave, I noticed her wedding and engagement rings on the counter. This got me thinking and I went to check her lingerie drawer - plenty of clean panties! I wasn't shocked at all that night when I got a call telling me she had to work late...

Have any other men been introduced to cuckolding without talking about it first?? I guess it's just called cheating when the SO doesn't know, but it turns me on like crazy!"

Whether you leave your browser open to give her a glimpse at the subject (and your interest in it) or simply hand her a copy of my book and tell her you would like to hear her opinions, it is sure that if you don't bring up the subject of your desires, they will likely never be met.


  1. Very interesting Ms Caroline. You certainly find good material! You're absolutely right that you have to bring it up for it to ever be realized, but that is a very hard subject to broach. Especially with the embarrassment and even possible loss of respect that could occur if your partner isn't in to it or at least accepting of your fantasies. But it's definitely something to strive to discuss.


  2. Hi Caroline,

    I certainly agree. There’s tons of wannabes constantly dreaming of what they wish they could have who never in their wildest dreams imagine that their “angelic” wives have the devil in them.

    In our case, I didn’t need to bring it up. Em had me locked in chastity and the fantasies came pouring out. Wasn’t long after that, that the most amazing things began to happen.

    That was a long time ago.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  3. This is cheating...nothing less.
    There has to be an understanding
    either expressed or tacitly implied.
    I don't feel that equivalency here.

    But still..Great post!!

  4. Another great and provocative post Caroline