Monday, April 14, 2014

Lover wanting to inseminate me

The video I've posted here is not of me but it reminds me of a particular session I had with a young man I met on a hotwife/cuckold board. He was about ten years younger than I am and especially driven to have sex with me in a way that suggested something more than lifestyle-play sex. When I thought we had finished for the afternoon, he quickly recovered and wanted to fuck me again which was fine with me.

When he finished the second time but wanted to continue fucking me, I asked him what was going on. He became embarrassed and didn't know how to answer me. I told him that after all we had just done together, the least he could do is tell me the truth. That's when he told me he was wanting to get me pregnant.

We talked about this and he confessed he had never had this compulsion with other women he had been with but something about the dynamic between us and the way he reacted to me, he felt the need to inseminate me. He said he realized I was probably on birth control but felt that if he came inside me enough times, he could beat the system and achieve his goal. I was touched at how his admission came forth and how telling me made him quite vulnerable. He was trusting me with this truth.

I told him that if he thought he could beat the odds, I would like to have him fuck me again. He did and I cautioned him not to cum too quickly if he wanted to accumulate more sperm before ejaculating again. He fucked me for an hour.


  1. Boy do I know that feeling! Obviously I've got enough maturity and sense now to know that I don't want it to "really" happen but when you are with the right lover, and have the right "connection", the "urge" is undeniable. And ejaculating in a woman's mouth is just not the same thing. Anal ejaculation is close, but there is NOTHING to compare to that feeling of ejaculating deep into her womb, with her legs wrapped around you, knowing that your seed is inside of her, lingering, inevitably becoming at least somewhat absorbed into her body, and therefore you are in some way now part of her.

  2. wife did that intentionally allowing lovers to impregnate her....very erotic!