Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cuckold lifestyle: Statistics show the lifestyle is on the rise

"The past week has seen an increase in the news on cuckold lifestyles and cuckold relationships. On the road to finding alternative methods to keep marriages from joining the divorce statistics, cuckold scenarios are surfacing more and more."

This isn't news to any of us and the growth of the cuckolding lifestyle has been continuous for decades but I am glad to see articles like this one from Mike Hatcher at surfacing in what is a mainstream website giving our favorite subject a chance for serious contemplation by men and women who have these inclinations but feel as though they are somehow marginalized by society for their primal instincts.

Part of the problem cuckolding faces as a lifestyle is that its prime venue of dissemination is on porn sites and blogs that feature lurid photos and videos. Did I mention that, Vanessa Chaland's Cuckold Letters and Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse are among my favorite websites? These sites and blogs are so potent in what they convey as to transcend the definition of porn becoming sociological documents of human relations and instruments of change in the process. Would Mike Hatcher have written his article had not Vanessa, Emma, scott and others gone before him in an unabashed fashion making a case for the lifestyle without apology?

If you are interested in how "mainstreet" is presenting our preferences, check out the article. I think he did a great job of presenting the subject and I expect others will follow his lead.


  1. Hi Ms. Caroline,

    A great article. We have to agree. And thanks for the kind words about us. The same great things should be said about you and your cuckold as well.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. It is my pleasure, scott, to count you as a friend and the Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse blog is always exciting and thought provoking!