Friday, April 11, 2014

A tattoo for me?

I don't have any tattoos and I have never wanted one though I do find them to be fascinating and have, from time to time, browsed through various "ink" magazines wondering what it would be like to have such exotic designs as a permanent fixture of my identity. It has always been an objective and academic curiosity for me. Tattoos are just not a part of my personal aesthetic.

Lately, however, I have been trying to get a particular idea regarding a specific tattoo out of my mind. It isn't easy to be rid of the idea because the tattoo that haunts me is defining and the thought of it continues to excite me. In fact, I get more excited about it as time goes on and I mean physically excited as well as intellectually. It gets me wet when I think about it. When I wake in the morning, it is the first thought that comes involuntarily to my mind and it's very pleasant to feel wet and ready at the mere thought of such a thing. I am beginning to think that not only do I want this tattoo, I need it.

The object of my fascination and obsession is a variation on the Queen of Spades symbol, the one used to indicate a woman's preference for having sex with black men similar to the one in the photo  above. I have worn the temporary QoS tattoos and enjoyed the effect they have on Michael, my lovers and the strangers who happen to catch sight of them when I wear them in public. I especially enjoy the effect they have on me when I wear them; like wearing a Givenchy gown, it changes the way you feel and act.

What I have in mind would be personal and not for public display except for when I find myself on a nude beach and I don't mind that "public" seeing it. I want it on my pubic mound where it would be covered only if and when I let my pubic hair grow to a full bush, which I rarely do. I prefer to be completely waxed and hairless which would give my adornment no place to hide when in sexual situations, at lifestyle parties or on nude beaches or cruises.

Michael likes the idea but more importantly it excites me tremendously and there is a feeling of inevitability that soon I shall have it.


  1. That is incredible Ms Caroline! It's obviously a very powerful and erotic image for you and you would probably be excited and proud of it everyday as you see it and have others see it in those special settings!

  2. Hi Caroline,

    That's the way it is with tattoos and piercings. Something comes over you and you know you have to go for it.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. Caroline,

    I say go for it. It will only heighten the sexual experience.

    All the best,


  4. Just do it. Its so very sexy.