Friday, March 28, 2014

A follow-up note from my anonymous friend


I hope you don’t mind a little follow up correspondence.

I did get another copy of “Cuckolding”, which I actually read a couple of years ago.  I have also been enjoying reading through the first few pages of “Cuckolding: Questions and Answers”.  

In the introduction, you talk about being aware of the word “cuckold” as an insult before you were aware of it as a “lifestyle”.  When I was in my twenties, the only sources of information I had were Penthouse magazine and “Joy of Sex”.   So, I became aware of the attraction situationally and had no idea what to call it.  I was an English major (by convenience) for a couple of years and I am sure the OED would reference “adultery” and “derision” in its definition of the word “cuckold”.  If I allow, condone, encourage my wife to have sex with another man, take pleasure from watching or joining in, how can it be adultery?

The derision part is pretty hard to take too. I understand that is part of the attraction for some people, just not for me.  So, though I certainly acknowledge being aroused both the fantasy and reality of watching my wife with another man, I have some trouble “self identifying” as a “Cuckold”.  This is nothing I mean to argue about.  I realize that you are naming a lifestyle or sexual activity that encompasses a vast range of activity, and I am on the rather “vanilla” end of the spectrum.  It’s just an observation.

But, it does go to what I observed earlier about your different perspectives.  On the Cuckolding Lifestyle blog, you posted a video of an Australian (perhaps) couple with a black man.   I have both watched and participated and I understand that husband’s arousal.  While I have never experienced it, I do find some interracial videos arousing, including that one.  But, the “BBC” does seem to be some kind of very obsessive sub-fetish, with some expressions almost being “anti-white male”, though I realize this is more of an expression of the desire for extreme humiliation in some people.  I am cool with interracial sex.  But, my wife has never expressed the slightest interest.  Can you give me a woman’s perspective on the attraction, or is it an obsession?
Your anonymous reader"
Hello again,
Interracial sex can be an attraction, obsession or both. In my case, it's a fascination. I love the taboo, the color contrast and the size issue. In having sex with black men, I am getting something Michael is not and cannot ever be. There is something about that which we both find compelling. That is not to say that I go exclusively with black men but I admit it is a preference.

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  1. My wife agrees with you Ms.and I must admit I do feel much more submissive in the presence of a hung black male.