Saturday, July 26, 2014

True love and cuckolding

Isn’t it good? Don’t you love being able to have this experience without hiding your passion for it and wishing that the person closest to you in your life would understand? Is this called true love? What is it called when the deepest, most primal passion must remain a secret from your spouse? Is that true love?

What do you think?


  1. Love comes in a thousand different wrappers and this one is mine. I love Jeff my husband lots and lots but he knows his limits and he lets me suck and ride with other men. The sex is casual, always physical and on my terms. He then worships mistress's cunny. It is our thing. Sometimes we wonder if this is another sexual orientation, like heterosexual or gay? If so then what's important is that it is shared and discussed so others don't feel isolated and doubtful. Claire

  2. I'd suggest that its difficult to keep such passionate sex with the other guy secret for long. Its not just spotting the covert texts and emails, its a matter of taste and smell as well. Sadia smelled and tasted of her other man. I could taste his cum in her mouth, smell his scent on her skin. I gently told her these things and said I was comfortable with them. It was a good thing to do as it opened up conversations about me being small down there. So we have found a new accord, she fucks who she pleases and tells me when she dates such guys. Ian

  3. Women were never supposed to be able to separate sex and love were they? Well that must be an urban myth. They can enjoy sex as hot as any man. They can handle a lot of it too, outstripping a guy's appetite. But I do think that they like to clothe that sex in personhood. i mean, the man who fucks them must be a known individual, with interests and background, he's not just a sex machine. However angst this makes a husband feel, this is how she likes it. If he gets over that angst, then she will bring alpha home and a new intimacy, a three way intimacy will start, what she wanted all along. Jomas