Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Excerpted from Cuckolding by Caroline James

Michael is not a submissive but I occasionally get the urge to "femdom" him by doing something to make him jealous. This might seem strange since we are definitely into the hotwife lifestyle, so how does jealousy come into play? Usually I provoke it by saying or doing something that comes very close to breaking one of our rules. Sometimes, I go ahead and break a rule. Yes, we have rules. One of them, of course, is that Michael doesn't fuck other women.

Once we were at a business get-together and I was looking at the bulge in another man's pants. "Nice cock!" I said with Michael sitting next to me. Both men were embarrassed but saying it got me wet. It probably got them both hard when they thought about it later but it broke the rule about crossing the line with people who know us. Another time, I was feeling mischievous and told a lover that Michael wanted to suck his cock. Michael was watching him fuck me when I said it and I could feel my lover's cock get harder and I noticed that Michael's cock stiffened after I said it.

I felt like I needed to tread lightly. There is an aspect of cuckolding in which women humiliate their men as a role-play or real-play in front of their lovers. Had Michael ever done this? Would he mind becoming involved with this for me? Would I feel repelled by exerting dominance or would I need it like a forbidden fruit?


  1. Hi Ms. Caroline,

    I think your actions answered that question. Kudos!


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. I think that is so hot. Did Michael?