Friday, May 9, 2014

Pulling a train

I have long had a fascination with the act of "pulling a train". To my mind, it is different from a gangbang in that the men go one at a time, one after the other until they have all had sex with you at least once. The reality is that the train keeps running because men tend to recover quickly and become excited again as the sights and sounds of a woman getting fucked in the same room by several horny men is very stimulating. I'd been told by women who had pulled trains that having ten men could mean up to thirty couplings.

Though I had been active in the cuckolding lifestyle engaging in a wide variety of experiences, I had yet to pull a train and I began to fascinate over the idea until it became something of an obsession. I wanted to take care of a room full of men; just me with no other women present. How best to do it?

Some of our most exotic encounters happen when Michael and I travel. There is something about being away from home that amps up the anticipation and expectation of a special event. When we were planning a trip to New Your City, I blurted out "I want to pull a train while we're there." Michael's response was, "Wow!" along with a big smile. The planning began.

I made up a list of requirements that I thought would make it a special evening. We would be in a nice hotel suite that featured a jacuzzi. I decided that we would invite ten men and hope they would all show up. The list of men was equally divided between black and white. All the men needed a current blood test and preference was given to men with whom I'd had sex previously. Michael would not have sex with me during the evening but would act as facilitator and make sure all went smoothly and see to room service and other needs.

As anyone who has tried to organize such an evening knows, it isn't easy to get this many participants in one room at the same time and even more of a challenge to get them there with their test results in hand. We had six weeks to prepare and so we had hopes of at least coming close to getting what we wanted. One of the benefits of having written two books on cuckolding and maintaining a blog on the subject is that there is always a list of men available for play in almost every major city in the world from Paris to Istanbul. This made planning the New York trip much easier!

When the evening finally arrived, we had ten confirmations from our ten invitees but three had to cancel at the last minute. One of the men who did make it said he had arranged for two of his friends to be on standby just in case. Believe it or not, both had gone to the trouble of getting tested in hopes of participating. The final number was nine; six black and three white.

The men drew numbers from a bag and that determined the order in which the first round would proceed. the second round would follow the same order unless a man wasn't ready to go again in which case he would have to wait until the next round. I was perfectly coiffed and nude for this protracted session and there would be a minimum of cleaning up between "engagements". I wanted to have the full experience and all the men knew this in advance and were agreeable to a very "sloppy" evening.

The party broke up between six and seven o'clock the next morning. One of the men had me five times and a few had me four times. One of the men only had me twice and couldn't perform after that but stayed to enjoy the sights and sounds. I was thoroughly ravished. It didn't take long for me to go into something of a trance completely transcending the physical aspects of the encounters and experience this incredible night as if it were a Zen experiment in sensuality. I remember it as a nine hour orgasm.

It was many days before the sensations had left me. I was sore and could not have sex for a week, which was a long time for Michael to wait after seeing me in such a primal event. In spite daily showers, I was still aware of the scent of semen on me for several days. I'm certain others noticed it, too. It was very difficult for me to focus on the rest of our trip, which was part business and part pleasure, as I kept having flashbacks to various aspects of the evening. I still find myself daydreaming about it.

Pulling a train was everything I had wanted it to be thanks to Michael and some really wonderful men. I hope the evening met with their expectations as well. The only part of the experience that remained in the fantasy world was that I was on birth control and I could only imagine that this was, in fact, a breeding party.


  1. All I can say is: WOW!

    Is there any chance you'd share a glimpse in to what actually happened during the train??? A "blow-by-blow" as it were? -pun intended ;)

  2. Love to of been there. Mark x

  3. Hi Caroline, I'm Morgan from OHW. Thank you for sharing this very hot experience. I think that one of the motivations for HW husbands is to witness the maximization of female sexuality. Unfortunately for us though we can't really go there ourselves. It's only through our imaginations that we even get close. Your post, like I expect your experience, was glorious.

  4. Hi, Morgan. It was glorious and overwhelming both physically and emotionally. I don't know I could do this often but certainly it should be an annual event and maybe more often than that! :)


  5. Over the course of our 20 years together, my Wife has pulled 12 trains. She has really enjoyed each of them and having 10-15 men repeatedly enjoy Her. She too has been sore for a week or more but very physically and emotionally overwhelmed and satisfied. i have never cleaned up after one (but would LOVE to), but do enjoy seeing the massive amount of cum pouring out of Her puffy and stretched pussy.

  6. Love to have you at one of our parties

  7. Gostosa. Fucking.

    I love You. I do not espeak english.

    I live in Brazil.