Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Afternoon cuckolding

It was bound to happen. I get the phone call. It is from one of my standing invitation boys but not the one who has house privileges. He wants to meet me in the afternoon. There are two problems. First, I don't play without Michael being present. Second, my friend has a friend who's just dying to meet me. The real problem is that Michael is out of town. The boy is insistent and I tell him no three times before saying that I want to talk to Michael first. I'll call him back.

I get Michael on the phone and explain the situation. He tells me I should go with the boys to a hotel and enjoy myself. I am surpirsed and ask him why. "Because that's what you really want to do" he says. I ask him how does he know that? "Because if you didn't, you wouldn't have called me. You would have told him no and told me about it later." Smart man Michael!

I meet the boys at a nearby hotel. It's not the Beverly Wilshire but it's not the Motel 6 either. We talk for awhile in the bar because I wanted to get a feel for his friend and I like to flirt. I was wearing a short dress, heels with no nylons and nothing underneath. I gave them the crossed legs treatment that seemed to get their attention. We talked long enough for them to get the idea we might not be going upstairs. Then I uncrossed my legs and my friend went and got us a room.

It was strange to have a threesome without Michael. There's no back-up. No one is protecting me. The boys took turns and were gentlemanly with me. I was the one who finally suggested a DP. One in front and one in back. They were surprised but eager. They took their time and we built to a passionate finish. It was exciting and a taste of forbidden fruit but I wanted Michael there.

When we parted company, his friend left first. The boy said he wanted to go back upstairs but I wanted to be away and free to call Michael and discuss what had happened and hear his voice. I went with the boy to his car and blew him. It was a way of giving him something extra to tell his friend about. "She gave me a blowjob in the parking lot after you left and she swallowed!"

That's what I told Michael. "I gave him a blowjob in the parking lot after spending the afternoon fucking two hot guys. And I swallowed."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"If you were mine..."

"If you were mine, I wouldn't let anyone else fuck you." I can't tell you what a turn-off it is to hear these words. He was young and didn't have a clue. We were in bed next to each other after having sex. Michael had just gone to get ice. What the stranger didn't understand is that Michael doesn't let other guys fuck me. He let's me fuck other guys. This one didn't seem to understand that it was his cock I wanted, not his thoughts. "Fuck me again" I told him. I wanted to change the subject and I thought it would be exciting for Michael to find us fucking again when he returned to the room. I knew I wouldn't be seeing this one again. I knew the next step would be for him to ask me to leave Michael so I could be in a protective relationship with him.

Thank you, but I have what I want.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tease and Deny

There is a lot written and pictured on the web about teasing and denial. With good reason, I think. There is no better way to build up sexual tension for what will be an explosion when an orgasm is finally triggered. In theory, the longer the delay and the more frequent the build-up to an orgasm without fulfilling it, the more intense the final release. I think this is true for women and men alike.

Saturday night, Michael and I went to a party where I get to play and he watches or joins in with me and other men. All through the day, I talked about what kind of encounters I was hoping to find at the party. I would reach over and stroke his penis making sure it got hard. Several times during the afternoon, I would go into his pants and suck his cock long enough to get it hard and leaking pre-cum. I love that taste, by the way. Then I would put him back in his pants.

By the time we arrived at the party, we were both on a sexual high and primed for pleasure and release. This party allows single men and we selected two of them to join us in a corner of a group area. They undressed me and Michael undressed himself. He watched us for more than an hour as the two guys played tag team with me. Each would fuck me until he came and the other would take over. When the other came, the first one was ready to go again and I think it got to be a contest to see which one could have more orgasms. At first, they came quickly. Later they took longer. All the while, Michael was watching and stroking himself careful not to cum. While we were at it. a couple of women approached Michael and I waved them away.

When my two Knights could cum no more and left us alone, I took Michael in my mouth to gauge his erection and taste his pre-cum. He wanted to put himself in my pussy but I said I was too sore and needed something to drink. After a glass of white wine, I allowed a third man to escort me into a couples area knowing Michael would wait for me however long it took. It didn't take long because Mr. Three came within two minutes. When I returned, Michael thought it was his turn but I asked him to drive me home. On the way, I sucked his cock as he drove making sure I didn't bring him too close to orgasm.

Getting into bed, Michael had a very stiff erection and thought he was going to give it to me. "Not tonight, Honey, I have a headache" I told him. After we enjoyed a good laugh together, I promised him release in the morning. That was only a few hours away since it was now three in the morning. When I woke up, Michael was rock hard and he finally got to use that thing on me. It was explosive for both of us.

Need I say it? I am a big fan of tease and deny!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello, Caroline

"Hello Caroline,

What a beautiful, enticing and very honest blog you have created.
Could you help me learn how it feels for you to cuck Michael? Aside from the hot sex, what is it like to know that you are having such pleasure without him directly involved? Do you feel his arousal as you are taken by your lover? Do you feel the richness of being wanted by one who can't have you at the moment.
Thanks for whatever insights and feelings you want to share.

I like you question, Tim. Sometimes the sex is hot and sometimes it is just sex and there's nothing wrong with that. What gets my juices flowing is that this forbidden fruit is partaken with my beloved present and witnessing the event. Women have been raised with the idea that sex with anyone but your husband is taboo. This has resulted in married women seeking the thrill of an affair because the forbidden nature of the activity raises the level of excitement. For me, this thrill is doubled or tripled because Michael is there. All of my senses are magnified including the physical sexual response as well as my emotional reaction to the other man and especially to Michael.

One of my bedfellows suggested we play without Michael present and show him a tape of our sexing. I prefer having him there but if Michael is aroused by this we will do it. We'll see.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Overnight guest

We have had one overnight guest so far. We got a late start and it seemed natural to just fall asleep in our king-sized bed rather than get up and go through the process of saying goodbye. I awoke in the morning to the delicious feeling of a hand gently playing with my pussy. I assumed it was Michael but it wasn't. It was our guest feeling frisky and as soon as I was wet enough, he mounted me and began fucking me in a slow rhythm that was very appropriate to wake-up sex. Michael was still asleep next to us but that would soon change as we became more active. I reached over and found that Michael had a very stiff erection. No doubt he was dreaming about what the three of us did all night long. As our guest stroked inside me, I stroked Michael's cock and he woke with a smile. As the other man became more aggressive and I stretched my legs in the air, Michael came in my hand. It was all too exciting for him to hold on. He leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss and left us to take a shower. Our guest, on the other hand, lasted about an hour, fucking me in a variety of positions until I had three or four orgasms and he finally came. He told me that the next morning after a long night of sex, his cock was sort of desensitized and he could last forever.

He and I took a quick shower together and joined Michael in the kitchen for coffee. Before getting dressed, we had a quick threesome on the living room floor and our guest left in time for Michael and I to go to Sunday brunch. Even with all the orgasms we had experienced over the course of the evening and the morning, we found that we were both completely stimulated and craving more sex for the rest of the day. We kept fondling each other in public making a weak attempt to be discrete.

What surprised me about the whole experience is that once a lover is in your home, he doesn't go back to being a social friend without privileges until he leaves. I was glad our guest initiated the morning after sex but still it surprised me that he assumed it was OK. It was and I suppose if we hadn't wanted the play to continue, we would have said goodbye earlier and not let him stay over.

There are a lot of ins and outs of this game. I've still got lots to learn.