Monday, September 19, 2011

Tease and Deny

There is a lot written and pictured on the web about teasing and denial. With good reason, I think. There is no better way to build up sexual tension for what will be an explosion when an orgasm is finally triggered. In theory, the longer the delay and the more frequent the build-up to an orgasm without fulfilling it, the more intense the final release. I think this is true for women and men alike.

Saturday night, Michael and I went to a party where I get to play and he watches or joins in with me and other men. All through the day, I talked about what kind of encounters I was hoping to find at the party. I would reach over and stroke his penis making sure it got hard. Several times during the afternoon, I would go into his pants and suck his cock long enough to get it hard and leaking pre-cum. I love that taste, by the way. Then I would put him back in his pants.

By the time we arrived at the party, we were both on a sexual high and primed for pleasure and release. This party allows single men and we selected two of them to join us in a corner of a group area. They undressed me and Michael undressed himself. He watched us for more than an hour as the two guys played tag team with me. Each would fuck me until he came and the other would take over. When the other came, the first one was ready to go again and I think it got to be a contest to see which one could have more orgasms. At first, they came quickly. Later they took longer. All the while, Michael was watching and stroking himself careful not to cum. While we were at it. a couple of women approached Michael and I waved them away.

When my two Knights could cum no more and left us alone, I took Michael in my mouth to gauge his erection and taste his pre-cum. He wanted to put himself in my pussy but I said I was too sore and needed something to drink. After a glass of white wine, I allowed a third man to escort me into a couples area knowing Michael would wait for me however long it took. It didn't take long because Mr. Three came within two minutes. When I returned, Michael thought it was his turn but I asked him to drive me home. On the way, I sucked his cock as he drove making sure I didn't bring him too close to orgasm.

Getting into bed, Michael had a very stiff erection and thought he was going to give it to me. "Not tonight, Honey, I have a headache" I told him. After we enjoyed a good laugh together, I promised him release in the morning. That was only a few hours away since it was now three in the morning. When I woke up, Michael was rock hard and he finally got to use that thing on me. It was explosive for both of us.

Need I say it? I am a big fan of tease and deny!


  1. What painfully exquisite torture you exact! It's obvious you know just which of Michael's buttons need to be pushed. My Goddess has yet to cuck me, but for the past three or four lovemaking sessions it has been the overriding theme that she shares with me as she works us both up. The act of verbalizing her fantasies makes her incredibly aroused and results in some mindblowing orgasms for her....and me if she permits me. I've really enjoyed your blog so far and you can count me as a huge fan.

  2. this is a very hot post and one I can really relate too.....after watching my wife suck and fuck a guy at a party (it allowed single men too) and after getting back to our hotel room and wanting seconds only to be told she was to sore and worn out the similarities are certainly present

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I know this touches as deeply for you as it does for me,


  4. I loved whem my wife do to me ruined orgasm...i love it Cornutto