Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"If you were mine..."

"If you were mine, I wouldn't let anyone else fuck you." I can't tell you what a turn-off it is to hear these words. He was young and didn't have a clue. We were in bed next to each other after having sex. Michael had just gone to get ice. What the stranger didn't understand is that Michael doesn't let other guys fuck me. He let's me fuck other guys. This one didn't seem to understand that it was his cock I wanted, not his thoughts. "Fuck me again" I told him. I wanted to change the subject and I thought it would be exciting for Michael to find us fucking again when he returned to the room. I knew I wouldn't be seeing this one again. I knew the next step would be for him to ask me to leave Michael so I could be in a protective relationship with him.

Thank you, but I have what I want.


  1. I agree, what a jerk this guy you fucked. As we say in Spanish: "Dios le da pan al que no tiene dientes..." Unfortunately I live very far from you both, if not, it could be very pleasant to let me fuck by you...

  2. I found that it was oddly exciting to ask someone I thought of as a jerk to fuck me again.

  3. This might be the most erotic cuckold scenario ever. In one moment, you cucked both men perfectly! Letting your husband see you having a cock strictly for your pleasure and then your lover has to live with the knowledge he can never really have you is nothing short of sexy brilliance. Bravo, Caroline!