Monday, September 12, 2011

Overnight guest

We have had one overnight guest so far. We got a late start and it seemed natural to just fall asleep in our king-sized bed rather than get up and go through the process of saying goodbye. I awoke in the morning to the delicious feeling of a hand gently playing with my pussy. I assumed it was Michael but it wasn't. It was our guest feeling frisky and as soon as I was wet enough, he mounted me and began fucking me in a slow rhythm that was very appropriate to wake-up sex. Michael was still asleep next to us but that would soon change as we became more active. I reached over and found that Michael had a very stiff erection. No doubt he was dreaming about what the three of us did all night long. As our guest stroked inside me, I stroked Michael's cock and he woke with a smile. As the other man became more aggressive and I stretched my legs in the air, Michael came in my hand. It was all too exciting for him to hold on. He leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss and left us to take a shower. Our guest, on the other hand, lasted about an hour, fucking me in a variety of positions until I had three or four orgasms and he finally came. He told me that the next morning after a long night of sex, his cock was sort of desensitized and he could last forever.

He and I took a quick shower together and joined Michael in the kitchen for coffee. Before getting dressed, we had a quick threesome on the living room floor and our guest left in time for Michael and I to go to Sunday brunch. Even with all the orgasms we had experienced over the course of the evening and the morning, we found that we were both completely stimulated and craving more sex for the rest of the day. We kept fondling each other in public making a weak attempt to be discrete.

What surprised me about the whole experience is that once a lover is in your home, he doesn't go back to being a social friend without privileges until he leaves. I was glad our guest initiated the morning after sex but still it surprised me that he assumed it was OK. It was and I suppose if we hadn't wanted the play to continue, we would have said goodbye earlier and not let him stay over.

There are a lot of ins and outs of this game. I've still got lots to learn.


  1. Great post, I hope to hear more.

  2. Thank you, yeah. I will continue to post what I like and what I discover about this lifestyle. Hope it pleases you.

  3. How I wish I knew you two. This is the sexiest thing I can imagine for a couple....