Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Afternoon cuckolding

It was bound to happen. I get the phone call. It is from one of my standing invitation boys but not the one who has house privileges. He wants to meet me in the afternoon. There are two problems. First, I don't play without Michael being present. Second, my friend has a friend who's just dying to meet me. The real problem is that Michael is out of town. The boy is insistent and I tell him no three times before saying that I want to talk to Michael first. I'll call him back.

I get Michael on the phone and explain the situation. He tells me I should go with the boys to a hotel and enjoy myself. I am surpirsed and ask him why. "Because that's what you really want to do" he says. I ask him how does he know that? "Because if you didn't, you wouldn't have called me. You would have told him no and told me about it later." Smart man Michael!

I meet the boys at a nearby hotel. It's not the Beverly Wilshire but it's not the Motel 6 either. We talk for awhile in the bar because I wanted to get a feel for his friend and I like to flirt. I was wearing a short dress, heels with no nylons and nothing underneath. I gave them the crossed legs treatment that seemed to get their attention. We talked long enough for them to get the idea we might not be going upstairs. Then I uncrossed my legs and my friend went and got us a room.

It was strange to have a threesome without Michael. There's no back-up. No one is protecting me. The boys took turns and were gentlemanly with me. I was the one who finally suggested a DP. One in front and one in back. They were surprised but eager. They took their time and we built to a passionate finish. It was exciting and a taste of forbidden fruit but I wanted Michael there.

When we parted company, his friend left first. The boy said he wanted to go back upstairs but I wanted to be away and free to call Michael and discuss what had happened and hear his voice. I went with the boy to his car and blew him. It was a way of giving him something extra to tell his friend about. "She gave me a blowjob in the parking lot after you left and she swallowed!"

That's what I told Michael. "I gave him a blowjob in the parking lot after spending the afternoon fucking two hot guys. And I swallowed."


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, and I'm enjoying reading it. I like how you show your relationship dynamic in this (and other) posts. While I enjoy the fantasy part of things, I really enjoy seeing how couples make this lifestyle work.

  2. Thank you, Ms. Caroline, for a new post. I'm really enjoying your blog and I hope you can write more.
    A lot of bloggers seem to think that if there's no wild sex going on, there's no reason to blog. I, for one, appreciate learning more about how cuckold couples integrate their lifestyle in the day-to-day, as it helps me (and others) in finding our own paths.