Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cuckold massage

Out of curiosity, I Googled "cuckold massage" without really expecting to find anything specific. Imagine my surprise when a search result came back for a website in the UK offering cuckold massages! This amazing service has a Cuckold Corner section of its website dedicated to the interests and concerns of cuckolding couples!

A cuckold massage is a perfect way for couples fantasizing about cuckolding to take their fantasy into reality. How I wish there was such a service like this one close to me for sometimes finding a playmate, especially on the spur of the moment, isn't always easy to do. I'll be sure to pay a visit on our next visit to the UK!

I sent an email to the proprietor of Tranquility Massage and this is what he wrote to me about the cuckold massage he offers:

"I started offering my cuckold massages after being approached by one of my male clients with the question "Would you massage my wife while I watch?"

It occurred to me, that there was probably a niche for couples who were looking to explore their fantasies without going down the route of dating sites, random "Bull" ads and friends.

So, I started to offer my cuckold massage. It's proved to be very popular, I think mainly because the wife does get a full body massage where she can just enjoy being pampered or, should the mood take her, indulge further.

My clients are usually more mature, shy, nervous and concerned about safety, discretion, limits etc and I feel that I consider all of these. It allows the wife to explore and enjoy herself with hubby present, so they both know what is happening, who with etc. I think also that, as they are paying for the "service", they have a sense of "control" over how things go.

Clients are able in advance to let me know how they'd like things to go, what levels of interaction they are happy with etc. Not all massages end in sex. Some are just sensual massages where the wife is brought to orgasm by me in front of hubby, others are more interactive and some couples see me many times, each time being more adventurous as they feel more comfortable.

For some, there are "physical" issues on the part of the husband/partner and they wish to let their wife enjoy a sexual experience without the fear of an affair or rejection etc. I consider this to be a very open-minded and loving approach and always do my best to provide the kind of experience that each couple needs and wants to keep their relationship healthy.

On a flip-side, I do have some couples where the wife watches as hubby receives a sensual massage from me and she can watch him interacting with another man.

All my clients are nice, genuine and friendly people who just want to explore their fantasies. For the majority, a visit to me is their first-time at crossing the very thin line from fantasy to reality....a big step for most that tests emotions, loyalty and their feelings towards each other.


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  1. Great idea and opportunity, it's a very pity that Italy it's so far from UK

  2. Thanks so much for this Caroline. This is a very intense sexual event. Just imagining my 66 year old wife in that position. We have done some cuckolding in the past, and since our passion has been on the decline, we have decided to resume our naughty behavior. Just talking about it has given her confidence a boost. She recently dated a 41 year old guy she met on a dating site. They discussed meeting for sex, and we're just waiting for her turn to come up I guess.

  3. The more I think about this, the turned on I get. :)

  4. Hi Caroline.
    Thankyou for featuring my article, I hope it proves useful and of interest to your readers.
    Best wishes
    Tranquility Massage

  5. Dean,

    Thank you for letting me use your splendid video! I catch myself thinking about it every day! and would love to read anecdotes from the couples who have you as their "first". :)


  6. Now THIS looks like a great fantasy-come-true! My wife began telling my cuckold fantasy stories years ago; some of them involved her getting a sensual massage ( without me there ) and they were very powerful. She did end up meeting a man ( actually a man we both already knew who become more than just a friend ) who became her lover. I've never been allowed to be with them in bed but my wife tells me detailed stories of their encounters. Sometimes he massages her; it just blows my mind to imagine her completely naked with this man, with him pouring exotic oils onto his hands and then rubbing her everywhere...I think the massage part is the most erotic, the fact that my wife is in bliss, giving herself to this man. And now that I've watched several of your videos how much I would like to receive a massage like the one given to this man! What a turn-on to think of another man rubbing me like that, all the way to a happy ending!

  7. wanking myself silly reading this such a turn on wish my wife would induldge but sadly no, however I would love to watch or indeed help any couple who need me ,not an expert in massage but would be willing ime 45 good looking and would be very discreet

  8. Going to a massage with my wife today - not with Dean but with someone in Brighton; can't wait to see how things go!!

  9. We have booked a cuckolds massage with Dean for two weeks time after discovering about his service here. Dean reassured us with his polite and attentive emails and now we are looking forward to this exciting new experience.

    S and P

  10. Let us know how it went, Sarah and Paul! ;)