Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cuckolding and nude yoga

Bringing the sensuality of being naked into the already sensual and spiritual world of yoga seems to me to be a natural thing to do. It is something I practice on my own and I also do this with two men who are lovers. Once a week they will come over, or I will go to them, for some intense yoga that we do in the nude followed by an equally intense sexual encounter.

Yoga is not a cuckolding activity on its own but bringing the practice into your cuckolding can be rewarding and very beneficial.


  1. :-) nice , what a pleasure it is to see beautiful young healthy bodies partaking naked while doing Yoga .

    I have recently started 'Ahimsa' yoga myself n being in my mid 50s and carrying many old injuries from a misspent youth seriously doubt whether i can continue for much longer - too much time spent either sitting , kneeling or lying on the floor (with an exercise mat)from the waist down i have much trouble and pain with next to no flexability so im thinking perhaps i could tone it down a bit with Tai Chi for my spiritual/physical well being .

    The thought of exercising nude and bringing some sexuality into play sounds very erotic and is making me very horny with the mere thought .

    Enjoy your health and your sexuality such a beautiful existence -

    Blessed Be Light and Love

  2. Thank you. It sounds to me as though you are able to experience the nurturing of mind and body in spite of the bodies limitations.

    Blessed be,


  3. Thanks for the info. I might check into this. Thus far I am more into weights, stretching, martial arts, Pilates etc, but would like to give Yoga a try.....nude or not. :)

  4. I like free weights and some aerobics, too, Vanessa. I get into a schedule and then travel disrupts everything!