Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A different approach to cuckolding

Yesterday I took a different approach to cuckolding. I am used to the elaborate preparations of finding and making arrangements with a potential playmate on Craig's List or waiting for Saturday night to go to a swing party where Michael can watch me with other men or the hit-or-miss adventures of going to nightclubs in the hopes of finding sex with strangers. I decided to just take what I wanted.

I was at home and a man about ten years younger than I am was replacing some bathroom cabinets. He was handsome and I would definitely have gone with him at a swing party or approached him in a bar, but here he was working in our home. Should I do without?

As he was working, I stood at the master bathroom door and watched. We exchanged a few innocuous comments about the cabinets and the fittings. Nothing flirtatious. Then, without warning I began removing my clothes until I was naked. He saw what I was doing as soon as my T-shirt came off and watched me strip without saying a word. I could tell he was liking the show but was confused about what I was expecting.

I went to him and put my arms around him. "Fuck me," was all I said. We kissed and went into the bedroom where we had sex for almost an hour. We didn't use a condom.

Afterwards, I picked up my iPhone and took a photograph of his cock. Then I took a self-shot of my pussy and texted both photos to Michael.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm texting our photos to my husband. It's something we're into."

This got him hot again and we had a second round of sex. Funny how the idea of cuckolding is such a turn-on to the other man as much as it is to the husband.

This time, at least, different approach worked out very well.


  1. Would be lovely to see that self pic of your used pussy :)

  2. That's a fucking hot story!

  3. I loved this new approach! How did Michael like it?

  4. Damn Caroline, that's so hot! Other than sex, how was his work?

  5. Thank you for your comments, men! :)

    Michael was blown away by receiving the two photos and we had lots of fun later talking about it in bed.

    I think it brightened his work day but made it difficult for him to focus, Don. :)


  6. Hi Caroline,

    Very bold but the payoff was apparently worth it. Maybe not a strategy to use all the time but one that, when successful, will resonate with the three of you for a long, long time.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  7. Hi scott,

    I feel exactly the same way and it will resonate, as you say, for a very long time. The elements of desire, instinct, frustration and daring all combined to lead me into that action and it was incredible.

    I knew you would get it.


  8. This is something I also love to do. Send photos of me with my mouth wrapped around my lovers dick, pics of him fucking me, pics of the used condom...which I will be bringing home. :)

  9. Hi Caroline,
    What a treat. My hotwife has yet to be so bold but as soon as she is, I look forward to sharing the story with you! Michael is a lucky man

  10. Love that, Vanessa!

    Hope you'll let us know, switchcpl!