Monday, December 16, 2013

Cuckolding for couples

I have noticed that there is a lot of talk circulating in the "mainstream" about cuckolding. The subject has come up with women both socially and on female forum boards where my background and predilections are entirely unknown and it is interesting to hear the range of responses that go from "Wow!" to "Whatever rocks your boat" to "You've got to be joking!".

When I saw this video, I thought it might make an interesting intro to couples as a way of visually exploring the sights and sounds of cuckolding and to see if it is a turn-on, whether as a reality or a fun, fantasy role-play.

Let me know what you think.


  1. My wife has only hinted at the fact, and I mean fact, that she has slept with other men. These hints are her little way of telling me the truth. I am generally ok with this arrangement, frustrated, but ok. She needs to keep a bit of privacy for herself and her lovers. She does leave behind little details like wearing extra purfume on girls' night out, dressing up a bit more when he is around, coming home very late, and a couple of times I found her wet panties soaked with cum. She always lets me know when some guy, even my best friend, has been "flirting" with her. Her flirt stories never go too far, she just describes these men trying hard to talk with her, dance with her, sometimes they kiss her and some have tried to feel her up. She tells me she always turns them away. But I know better. Her truth is in her hints and left behind details. She is my secret slut and I lover her.

    1. I am in a very similar situation with my wife as you have described.

  2. Thanks Caroline! Very informative and provocative. :)

    - Jennifer

  3. very hot and informative.

  4. I suspect there are very many men & women who would dearly love this amazing lifestyle if only they were open enough to confide in their partner & discuss the subject at length.
    As it says in the video, communication is key!

  5. Thanks for posting, a very informative video. An enjoyable lifestyle.

  6. Love the video, but where can I find information on starting the cuckquean lifestyle?

    - J

  7. J,

    Since that isn't my subject, I would suggest a Goole search. Good luck.


  8. Nice informative vid which me and my wife have also watched. We especially liked the racial theme in the vid. For us this is a bedroom-fantasy for now but spices up things nonetheless

    Couple from nordic countries (YIM nordiccouple10)

  9. Fantastic video!!

  10. nice video, watched it with my wife and she also liked it, please upload more