Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When it Comes to Love: Break the Rules...

If you haven't discovered The Elephant Journal, I suggest you might enjoy it. I particularly liked the article When it Comes to Love: Break the Rules though it wasn't referring to cuckolding, neither does it exclude the lifestyle and offers up insight that, I think, should apply to all of us enamored of the lifestyle.

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  1. Well, actually marriages during Shakesperean times mostly were arranged and business, especially at upper classes. There was nothing about love and romance, that's just fairy tales and most likely the reason love stories were popular back at those days so much.

    I know that many people today date almost just anyone and seperate as easily. But there are exceptions!

    I knew my wife for over six months before we really started to "date". We flirted a lot after a while even during that first period but took our time to get to know each other. It was NOT dating, we were just friends at first and everything was in the open, even though we certainly were interested in each other - after a time. But when it finally happened and we became a couple it was mad love and lust. And what can I say, we're married for over 14 years, now and love each other even more.