Monday, April 22, 2013

Cuckolding: The answer to unrequited sex?

Cuckolding is far more than sex to me as it defines me as a woman and makes a statement that goes beyond politics, sex, relations and social etiquette. It is existential in nature. It says, "This is the way of the universe."

Sadly, the universe in which  we grew up refuses to see that women are the essence of existence and, worse, that we are the chattel of mankind our function to serve rather than to inspire.

We are sought for our sexual attributes but, all the while, we are reviled for possessing them. What torment it must be for a man who must learn to reconcile those divergent views. Cuckolding offers men a place to be needed and treasured even if the dynamic seems counter-intuitive to the mainstream; a mainstream with a 50% divorce rate and of those marriages that stay intact, what percentage are thriving?

I particularly liked this passage from Unrequited Sex from Freya Watson on Elephant Journal:

"We can gently challenge commonly-accepted views we many not agree with as they appear in conversations around us—the ones that suggest that wanting sex is wrong, that wanting more sex than a partner does is wrong, that seeking satisfaction outside a relationship is wrong, that self-pleasuring is something to be embarrassed about, and so many more. Allowing these to be perpetuated, by staying silent out of a fear of rejection, isn’t of benefit to anyone. By contributing to a greater understanding and awareness around sexuality, we are helping to create a world in which sexuality is expressed more naturally and in which our gift of deep sexuality can be more readily received."

I hope you read the entire article which can be found here:


  1. Hi Caroline,

    Obviously, I agree with your views on cuckolding and the counter-intuitive advantages it can offer a committed couple. I have always enjoyed the company of women and understood the psycho-sexual power they have over me.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse