Friday, October 28, 2011

Cuckold pregnancy risk

I like watching homemade sex videos. I watch them alone and with Michael and sometimes with other men. Films or videos that look like professional porn are a real turn-off for me, but if it looks like real people enjoying themselves, I'm in. Many of my female friends claim that they don't like porn and I wonder how they would react to the homemade variety.

Last night, I found some old black and white sex videos. The men weren't using condoms and the films were made before the pill was invented. It meant that the woman in the film was risking pregnancy with every thrust of the man's cock. Any woman knows that a penis leaks semen prior to orgasm so that pulling out when a man feels he is about to ejaculate is not a reliable form of birth control.

For some reason the thought of the woman's pregnancy risk excited me. After filming her sex act, the woman would have to wait for weeks to know if she was impregnated by her partner. Imagine the multiplicity of conflicting emotions for her and the man involved. In a cuckolding scenario, the tension or excitement is tripled since the woman, the sex partner and the husband will each have their own reactions, expectations and fears.

I wonder what I will do with these thoughts.


  1. Very sexy thoughts! You are a very sexy woman indeed.

  2. I've been really enjoying your posts, Ma'am. You have a very deep understanding of what makes a submissive boy tick....and you know how to use it. Specifically, the mind is so much more a sex organ than the penis, and to stroke it and f*ck it is the ultimate show of power by a Dominant woman over her sub...

  3. I have this one video of my girlfriend that I play on a loop over and over again when I need to cum. It was with The Model. They were at a point where they'd been seeing each other for a couple years. She had feelings for him and would let him cum inside her. He called me into the room (I was watching from the doorway). I sat down in a chair close to the bed. She told me to "be a good boy and lick my pussy after he cums inside me, ok?" I said ok and when he came and his cock started twitching, oh my. To see that thick load pour from her pussy after he pulls out is so damn hot. The whole thing only lasts a minute, but I can't stop watching it.

  4. lk2wtch@hotmail.comDecember 28, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    I agree. There is really no point in watching professional porn. The most erotic porn is the amateur stuff. Unrehearsed,real people taking pleasure in others, it's way more sexy. I think it's especially hot to see the husband stroking off while another guy pleasures his wife.