Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cuckold delivery

One of our playmates is a man who receives us in his apartment. We see him every week or so and generally follow the same routine. Michael and I drive to his apartment together. We may indulge in some small talk before the man and I disappear into the bedroom and Michael remains in the living room reading a paper and drinking a Scotch provided by our friend. Sometimes we close the door. Sometimes it is left open. Our sessions usually last about an hour or so unless we are both still aroused and take a second helping. Whether the door is open or closed, Michael can hear pretty much all that is going on.

Our last visit was a little different. Our playmate had a few friends visiting. They were all males and from the looks Michael and I were being given, they seemed to know the score. After serving Michael his Scotch, our friend kissed me passionately on the mouth in front of all present letting his hand roam up my thigh until it found my pussy. The other men looked from us to Michael wondering what would erupt. Nothing did and, without a word, I walked to the bedroom. My playmate followed me leaving his friends in the living room with Michael. He did not close the door to the bedroom.

We fucked for a full hour. He made sure to give me some oral orgasms for the benefit of our audience in the other room. When he took me doggie-style, he made certain that he was making slapping sounds against my hips as he thrust into me. Sound effects for his friends and Michael. This time, one helping was enough. I got dressed, he put on a robe and we returned to the living room where Michael and I said goodbye to everyone and left.

Both of us would love to have heard the conversation that followed our departure.


  1. enjoyed reading about your adventures, great details and pics. you are a very lovely woman and Michael is lucky. any thoughts of adding what he is thinking or feeling as you enjoy your lovers?

  2. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I asked Michael how he felt about the other men being there. He said it was a little awkward but exciting at the same time. He asked me what I would have done had any of the other men gone into the bedroom while our friend was fucking me. I told him that had they wanted to fuck me I would have let them. He seemed to like this answer because he smiled and became suddenly erect.

  3. Very hot story. I love the attitude of indifferance you have. Adds a little something extra to the whole evening. :)

  4. very hot. I can't wait to re-read this with my wife.

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