Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My client wants to fuck me...

With women more and more ensconced in the workplace, the professional world has become the home-away-from-home that provides satisfaction and growth not to mention opportunities that ordinarily don't present themselves to women whose work is in the home. Cuckolding couples have turned this to their advantage and the ability of a woman to text photos and short videos to her husband in real time as she engages in cuckolding activities with a co-worker, or stranger for that matter, can spice up those moments when they are apart.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Caroline. How many times have you done this with Michael?

  2. I never did this at first but as time went on, it began to happen and when I saw how it excited Michael, and me, it became more and more usual. :)

  3. but how would you use mobile or type or take pictures while you're trying to enjoy the act......I know there should be somewya but careous...LOL


  4. It may seem the wife is a winner in this game, but the husband is the big time winner.
    I would be so happy to watch the kids, and her go out and return home used as a happy mommy and wife.