Sunday, January 6, 2013

Devotional Sex

This comment was received from a reader:

"Caroline, have you read about Devotional Sex? It's a very cool mix of soft femdom where the male doesn't get so denied and it's so romantic. I'm not mentioning this as a substitute of cuckolding, of course ;)"

I have been following the Devotional Sex blog on Tumblr and enjoy the posts and thoughts I read there. The photo above and the post below is from that blog which, I think, goes very well with cuckolding. Let me know of you agree.

Living Tantra:

When living Devotional Sex it becomes normal that most erections don’t lead to ejaculation.
So when a Knight is asked to pose he isn’t thinking about ejaculation because he knows that this is very unlikely to happen now.

Instead of feeling frustrated about not being allowed to cum the Knight enjoys feeling aroused. He enjoys feeling desire for his Princess. And in this photo it feels good to be naked and aroused in the open air.
Being relaxed and comfortable with enjoying arousal for the feelings of that moment, and not thinking that it must lead to release, is very Tantric.

So even though there are no Tantric ceremonies or breathing exercises, Devotional Sex moments such as in this photo can be said to be living Tantra.

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    This is the actual site i was talking, but forgot to post it.

    As with most lifestyles like femdom, cuckoldging, etc, there are many ways of doing it. The site gives a few ways, and as i male, i personally find quite appealing the devotional sex ''friendship'' where the male gives sensual / erotic massages to his friends (princess) and no ejaculation ever occurs till there's a more serious and stable relationship.