Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cuckolding: A matriarchal instinct?

I can’t help but noticing that some elements of the cuckolding lifestyle appear to mirror those of matriarchal societies where women would be free to have sex with men as a normal course of events but also as part of a rite that brings the power of the Goddess to men by creating a balance between the feminine and masculine and in raising energy.

I don’t believe that worshiping women is the primary, conscious instinct when a man brings the subject of cuckolding to his woman but where does it rank on the scale of subconscious motivations? Is this a timeless, primal urge to which men have always been subject? Certainly this trait, along with many others, has been discouraged and punished in patriarchal societies like our own. Is the rise of cuckolding as a compelling, if privately practiced, lifestyle the forerunner of a return to a matriarchal way of life?

Time will tell.