Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cuckolding: A matriarchal instinct?

I can’t help but noticing that some elements of the cuckolding lifestyle appear to mirror those of matriarchal societies where women would be free to have sex with men as a normal course of events but also as part of a rite that brings the power of the Goddess to men by creating a balance between the feminine and masculine and in raising energy.

I don’t believe that worshiping women is the primary, conscious instinct when a man brings the subject of cuckolding to his woman but where does it rank on the scale of subconscious motivations? Is this a timeless, primal urge to which men have always been subject? Certainly this trait, along with many others, has been discouraged and punished in patriarchal societies like our own. Is the rise of cuckolding as a compelling, if privately practiced, lifestyle the forerunner of a return to a matriarchal way of life?

Time will tell.


  1. Maybe cuckolding is also an instinct (at a subconscious level) in some of the male population to give the best (strongest?) genes an opportunity to compete...This would counter-intuitively imply that the cuckold is supremely confidant in his sperm's own abilities...

    Love your posts, joe_london.

  2. Interesting subject....but hard to say as the majority of societies have been dominated by the religio-patriarchial system. Sadly there is a dearth of evidence that would supply proof of this theory. However, I would like to start now... and lets prove for future generations how it should be. :)

  3. Your answer probably lies in the confluence of two things:

    (a) While men are said go be motivated to spread their seeds as wide as possible, we are ignoring the possibility that women might be programmed to collect as many seeds as possibly. Even if they have to be surreptitious in the process. After all, if women are naturally monogamous, men wouldn't be needed to raise so many walls to ensure their fidelity. This probably explains the thrill the woman gets from cuckolding.

    (b) By allowing a better man to impregnate the woman, I think the cuckold is ensuring that his tribe/clan thrives at the cost of his own genetic future. To understand this better, one might have to read on Group Selection theory. This might probably explain cuckold's willing sacrifice and excitement

  4. Native Americans were primarily Matriarchal in nature and they didn't engage in cuckholding.

  5. Some tribes did. There was a tribe where the activity is very well documented. When I return from vacation, I will post a link as it iis too difficult with my phone.

  6. I hope a future of lots of variety, not patriarchy nor matriarcy.

    Change of subject. Caroline, have you read about Devotional Sex? It's a very cool mix of soft femdom where the male doesn't get so denied and it's so romantic. I'm not mentioning this as a substitute of cuckolding, of course ;)

  7. I have heard of Devotional Sex and I follow such a blog on Tumblr. In fact, I'll post about it. Thank you for mentioning it.

  8. It depends on what you mean by matriarchal instinct. Your flowery language implies that you believe it is the natural way that things are supposed to be. I say it is simply opportunistic behaviour that a female will take advantage of if she can. In a matriarchy this would be possible. Humans, both male and female are sexually opportunistic. Given the chance, a man will create a harem. Maybe that is the true instinct. It's simple selfishness and exploitation of an opportunity; nothing more.

  9. William,

    You inability to appreciate my flowery language does not mean we are entirely in disagreement about the points you are making. However, there are major differences in the patriarchal and matriarchal models that, whether indigenous to humans or not, mitigate in favor of cuckolding in the latter and against it in the former.