Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is cuckolding gay?

Is cuckolding gay? Of course it is and of course it isn't. If a man wants to have sex with another man, I think he is gay or at least bisexual. If a man has sexual contact with another man as an interaction with his wife, I think he is a cuckold. It is a common fantasy for men to want to see two women having sex together. I think it may be just as common for a woman to see two men going at it. Women have traditionally been sexually repressed with little encouragement from anyone to express their most intimate fantasies and desires.

I think the Internet made porn privately accessible to women who began watching and turning on to sex videos that they would never have seen otherwise. Shaving pubic hair, which had been a grooming habit almost exclusive to porn stars and strippers, became more common for women in general as they began taking their cues from the videos they watched online. Where, in my vanilla-straight life before the Internet, would I ever have seen a man sucking another man's cock or even imagine that the sight of them would excite me?

The discovery of the cuckolding lifestyle through Michael and the stories of his adventurous past opened a whole new world to me. Things began to compel me that had previously been so hidden away in me that I had no idea these urges existed. Fucking other men in front of the man in my life would have been unthinkable. Asking my man to suck another man's cock for my voyeuristic pleasure would never have entered my mind.

This all came up for discussion when Michael told me that in earlier days, no one used condoms at swing parties. Often a man would begin fucking a woman immediately after another man had cum in her. I was surprised to hear Michael say that it is an indescribably erotic feeling to slip his penis into a woman who is full of semen. Had he ever gone down on a woman whose vagina was full of semen? Many times, he told me. Could you taste the cum in her? Yes, he said. Did he like it? He liked what it meant. Had he ever sucked a cock? No, but a previous girlfriend had asked him to stroke the cock of a stranger who was about to fuck her. Would you suck a man's cock for me if I asked? Yes, if it would excite me. I told him that it would excite me very much. It wouldn't make him gay. I would make him mine.

Michael opened the door for me by describing his experiences in this lifestyle but he never pushed me into it or tried to convince me of anything. The result is that I have pushed myself forward and, thankfully, Michael has been there for my every step forward.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A video from Switch Couple

One of our favorite blogs is The Adventures of my Slutty Wife. Here is a video clip they sent to us knowing it would go to the heart of our interest and turn us on. It did and we hope you like it as much as we do!

See more of them here: